Farm Recipe: Ham & Swiss Sliders Updated

🕔09:56, 29.Apr 2014

The weather lately has been pretty dreary – wind, rain, and cool temperatures.  I went home last night needing some comfort food and so I tried this recipe which I found on .  The picture was so inviting, and I

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Spraying Season Is Quickly Approaching Updated

🕔15:31, 24.Apr 2014

Spraying Season Is Quickly Approaching
Each season a big investment is made to protect your crops from disease and pest control when purchasing solution for your crops. Whether this is review to you or not, it’s always beneficial to check over your sprayers before application.

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The Carelessweed – What It Can Do To Corn and Soybean Yields Updated

🕔15:07, 23.Apr 2014

Palmer amaranth, sometimes referred to as carelessweed, is a summer annual  broadleaf weed species closely related to other pigweed species such as waterhemp, smooth and redroot.  It evolved in deserts of the southwestern United States, including areas of the Sonoran

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Our Top 15 Farm Equipment Twitter Accounts Updated

🕔14:26, 22.Apr 2014

The top 15 farm equipment Twitter accounts for you to follow.

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Farm Recipe: Homemade Scalloped Potatoes Updated

🕔10:25, 21.Apr 2014

Ham and scalloped potatoes for Easter are  as traditional in my household as turkey and mashed potatoes are for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been using a recipe that all but guarantees this dish’s success, eliminating any qualms about curdled sauce.  I put

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Manage Your Manure Online Updated

🕔11:30, 18.Apr 2014

The Missouri University Extension office has recently replaced their Spacial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP).  This new internet-based application, called the MMP Tracker, is a collection of tools that support strategic and tactical nutrient management planning.  Currently, its key capabilities include: Password

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Machinery Pete: Looking Back 10 Years Ago Updated

🕔09:02, 16.Apr 2014

Machinery Pete: Looking Back 10 Years
A little game I like to play when blogging online, writing columns for Farm Journal magazine or yakking on our Machinery Pete’s “Auction of the Week” show on RFD-TV. I’ve been compiling auction sale price data so long now, 24 ½ years to be exact, I find more good ground behind me, lots to talk about and compare to today’s sale prices.

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Breathable Hay Tarps: A Future Possibility?

🕔15:28, 15.Apr 2014

Breathable Hay Tarps: Are these a future possibility?

Farmers and Ranchers are weighing the alternatives to spend the money to buy breathable hay tarps as soon as they are done with production.

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Farm Recipe: Cheddar Creamed Corn

🕔12:02, 14.Apr 2014

Here’s a slow cooker recipe that’s sure to please your holiday guests.  I found this in the February/March edition of Taste of Home and offered it as one of my vegetable sides for a Saturday meal.  This crock pot recipe was well

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