Don’t Neglect Your Tires This Winter!

🕔15:48, 24.Jan 2017

Those cold winter temps can be brutal when it comes to the condition of your agricultural tires, and so you should definitely add them to your “downtime to-do list” this winter.  Here are some tips that I found on the

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These Farms Will Never Die (Video)

🕔15:47, 24.Jan 2017

Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you like watching cop  and crime scene shows?  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m addicted, and based on the number of these shows on TV, a lot of other people

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“SuperBug” Found on U.S. Pig Farm

🕔15:42, 24.Jan 2017

Carbapenem-resistant enterobactericeae or CRE have recently been found on a moderate-sized, family-run farm of about 1,500 sows.  These germs have a high antibiotic-resistance to carbapenems (a last resort group of antibiotics) and are considered an “urgent” public health threat by

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International Harvester 1970-1976 56-66 Series

🕔15:22, 16.Jan 2017

This video includes pictures of vintage International Harvester machinery & background music by Lynyrd Skynyrd. What are your thoughts of farming in the 1970’s without GPS, Auto-steer and the electronics we have today? Does it bring on nostalgia? Would you

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Farm Recipe: Corn Dip II

🕔10:30, 10.Jan 2017

I was invited to a house party for New Year’s Eve and they were serving Mexican food which inspired me to bring something to share.  I found this dip on that I found to be very easy to make and

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It’s Here: The Veterinary Feed Directive

🕔10:29, 10.Jan 2017

Beginning January 1st, a new law called the Veterinary Feed Directive became effective, and while many poultry and livestock owners may be heaving heavy sighs at the thought of one more hoop to jump through with regard to their operations, there

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For-Evergreen – Recycling Your Christmas Tree

🕔10:28, 10.Jan 2017

With the new year comes the unavoidable task of removing that Christmas tree from your home…but what can you do with it besides merely “chucking” it?  I did a little research and found some very interesting options that would certainly

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