A Symbol of Hope

🕔16:40, 22.Aug 2017

Rainbows have been associated with myth and folklore throughout history and still captivate people today.  How many of these interesting facts about this weather-related event do you know: Rainbows can only appear directly opposite the sun. Rainbows have seven colors.  Remember

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98, 99, 100!

🕔16:35, 22.Aug 2017

Yes, that’s about how many uses you can find for vinegar these days.  I have a few hacks I’d like to try very soon using this ingredient that’s as old as civilization itself (traces in Egyptian urns-3,000 B.C.E. and recordings

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Suicide Or Failure

🕔16:30, 22.Aug 2017

In March of 2015, I wrote about farmers and depression (www.titanoutletstore.com/farmers-and-depression-a-serious-challenge/) and noted a number of points that Michael Rosmann (researcher, University of Iowa adjunct professor and licensed psychologist) provided regarding contributing factors for this illness and actions that could be

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