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Teresa Olson
By Teresa Olson August 22, 2017 16:40


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Rainbows have been associated with myth and folklore throughout history and still captivate people today.  How many of these interesting facts about this weather-related event do you know:

  • Rainbows can only appear directly opposite the sun.
  • Rainbows have seven colors.  Remember Roy. G. Biv?  Red, orange, yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
  • In a double rainbow, the colors in the secondary bow are in the reverse order as the primary bow.
  • The sky beneath the rainbow appears brighter than the sky above it.
  • In order to see the full circle of the rainbow, you would have to look down on it – this is only possible when you are flying, and when this happens the plane’s shadow appears in the center of the circle.

The occurrence of rainbows is not a mystery of course, and if you want to educate yourself on the scientific principles you can view the video below.  But farmers may have an appreciation for rainbows that may go beyond that of others.  Rainbows symbolize hope, and that is a cornerstone of the agricultural lifestyle.  I hope it rains, I hope it stops raining, I hope we don’t have hail, I hope the price of grain or livestock rises, I hope I don’t breakdown during harvest, I hope I can get one more year out of that tractor…

Here are some quotes from farmers across the U.S. that you might appreciate:

The young corn and soybeans benefited from the moisture.  The rainbows were an added bonus!

A beautiful fall morning.  We were graced with a rainbow in the western sky after the blessing of rain near Kalona, Iowa!

A simple life is a beautiful life, but nothing is more breath taking than a rainbow after a spring rain.

There really is treasure at the end of the rainbow!

We thought the double rainbow was a sign of double good luck for our farm.

As I took this picture of a rainbow after a spring rain, I liked to think of it as my ancestors smiling down on our family farm.

A propitious springtime combination.

You can see a collection of great pictures associated with the above quotes by visiting: http://www.agriculture.com/content/farm-rainbows 

Never mind the science, folks.   Hold on to the magic and the message that a rainbow provides…



Teresa Olson
By Teresa Olson August 22, 2017 16:40
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  1. MattT August 24, 10:16

    The reason for that “hope” referenced in the article goes back to Genesis 9:8-17 when God initiated a covenant with Noah. He promised to never again destroy all living creatures with water. In verses 14-15, God actually says He will remember His promise whenever a rainbow appears. Indeed, a sign of hope and remembrance!

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