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Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Titan Outlet Store offers high-quality, used Agricultural equipment and used Construction equipment at outlet prices.

Titan Outlet Store inventory consists of Case IH, New Holland, John Deere, Cat, Case, Geringhoff, Salford, and much more.

We stand behind our equipment with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee*. See store for details.

Looking to make a purchase? We have the right solution to meet your agricultural equipment needs; if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it for you and refer you to the right Titan Machinery store.

Call us today to learn more. 218-233-3700

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    Agricultural Equipment

    See the Agricultural Equipment in the Moorhead, MN Titan Outlet Store Inventory

We have special financing packages available.

Our Agricultural Equipment includes:

*Some restrictions apply.

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  1. juan chavarria villarreal July 14, 18:54

    hi, good afternoon, i need information about vibrator machine of nut, i hope you help me as soon as possible, because its very importat for this product.

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  2. Titan Outlet Store July 16, 11:38

    Hello, Juan.

    I’m not sure what you’re looking for – please email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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  3. Dee Jorgenson July 27, 12:09

    I need a gear box for a John Deere 546 spreader. I under stand they don’t make this any more. Can you tell me where I can find one?

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  4. Titan Outlet Store Author July 27, 14:25

    Hey Dee – Check this out,
    Worthington Ag: 1-888-845-8456

    Thanks for the opportunity to help! Best of luck to you.

    Titan Outlet Store Team

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  5. Tierney S. August 1, 06:59

    Looking for a side window for John Deere 410b Part #T76829 or old #T113465. Any leads? Thanks!

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  6. Titan Outlet Store Author August 1, 19:50

    Hi, Tierney –

    We suggest checking out Worthington Ag, at the number in our previous comment. We deal in used farm and construction equipment, wholegoods only – no parts.

    Thank you for checking with us on this, and we hope you find your part!

    Titan Outlet Store Team

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  7. Angel August 2, 21:48

    Looking for 4 Items::
    1. 16.9-30 Rim for John Deere Front wheel drive

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  8. Angel August 2, 21:51

    Item No 2. John Deere 900 9-shank chisel
    No 3. John Deere 975 Switch plow. upland
    No.4 Complete Door for 7410 Cab-Air.

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  9. Titan Outlet Store Author August 3, 12:06

    Hello, Angel

    We’re going to refer you to Worthington Ag Parts as well. The number to reach them is: 1-888-845-8456

    Good luck, please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

    Thank you for choosing the Titan Outlet Store.

    -Titan Outlet Store Team

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  10. Candy Millikin August 13, 15:33

    Need to buy a John Deere umbrella that will fit a X540 riding lawnmowerr. Do you have one?

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  11. Titan Outlet Store Author August 13, 15:51

    Hey Candy –

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we don’t have parts at our store. We specialize in used whole-goods (tractors, combines, implements, construction equipment) and don’t do any service work besides the work required to get the equipment we sell ready for you.

    The best source we know of for used ag equipment is Worthington Ag Parts. Their number is 1-888-845-8456 and their website is

    Again, we thank you for your inquiry and hope to work with you in the future!

    -Titan Outlet Store Team

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  12. jeff dewitt August 15, 20:51

    I need the front main axle for a John Deere L130 riding mower. perferably after market for a better price.

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  13. Titan Outlet Store Author August 15, 23:15

    Hey Jeff,

    We aren’t a parts dealer, we sell used farm and construction equipment. We don’t do service or parts work, but many of our Titan Machinery stores do, although they specialize in Case, Case IH, New Holland, or New Holland Ag (as well as Cub Cadet), but this won’t help while looking for John Deere riding mower parts.

    If you give a call at 1-888-845-8456 you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

    Thanks for checking with the Titan Outlet Store, Jeff!

    -Titan Outlet Store Team (Al)

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  14. jim harden August 16, 23:00

    Looking for a 72 inch john deere brush hog

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  15. Joan August 22, 16:05

    Looking for a used John Deere Gator

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  16. Titan Outlet Store Author August 25, 15:17

    Hey Joan –

    Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been trying to find one in our system.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have one in our inventory – but you can check for similar items (Case IH Scout, Kubota UTVs, Polaris Rangers, Etc.) at our inventory page on the Titan Machinery (our parent company) inventory page –

    Our other suggestion would be to try Rick Sparks at 712-298-0592. He works at CB Equipment in Truman, MN and might be able to help you.

    Thanks for looking to the Titan Outlet Store for your used equipment needs!

    -Titan Outlet Store Team (Don)

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  17. mickael giunta August 31, 20:16

    HelloI’m looking for used sheet metal for a John Deer 7210.
    Front & side panels in particolar.
    I’m from Canada GTA Area….

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  18. Titan Outlet Store Author September 2, 08:13

    Good morning, Mickael!

    Try Worthington Ag parts – we don’t have used parts, just used wholegoods (Tractors, Combines, Balers, Skid Steers, etc.) – but Worthington Ag might be able to help you out!

    If you give a call at 1-888-845-8456 you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

    -Al, with the Titan Outlet Store

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  19. Rob Dahlstrom September 5, 10:30

    Looking for a John Deere ProZ 960 commercial lawnmower(60-inch deck). Preferably an in-store demo, slightly used and in excellent shape.

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  20. Titan Outlet Store Author September 7, 09:13

    Jim – your comment got caught in our filters for some reason, but I forwarded your request to Don. He told me he already emailed you with some options.

    Rob – Our store manager, Don, has your email address and will send you some options in the near future.

    Thank you all for your inquiries and requests, we look forward to working with you!

    -Al (Titan Outlet Store Team)

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  21. Justin Stahl September 7, 13:42

    Hello, I am looking to purchase an International corn header to fit a 1979 715 International Combine with the quick attach header. I would like to find one field ready, in either a 3 row or 4 row at 30 inch spacing, for at or around $ 1000.00 dollars.

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  22. francisco puentes October 9, 16:15

    i live at del rio texas. and looking for a brillon machine used, please let me know if you have one and how much is the cost.tanks

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  23. Titan Outlet Store Author October 11, 09:22

    Hello, Francisco!

    Thanks for your question – I’m going to refer you to our Titan Machinery store in Marshall, MN for this one.

    Please call Lucas at (507) 532-5783 and ask him – he might have what you’re looking for.

    Thank you!

    Titan Outlet Store Team

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  24. eduardo carrillo October 15, 19:12

    hey guys i am from delicias chihuahua mexico i needused parts for any type of tractor thats jhon deere 2755 4455 443O 4840 4955 4755 4960 6400 6415 7500 and more do you guys have any contacts about this type of parts

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    • Titan Outlet Store Author October 18, 09:27

      Hello, Eduardo!

      We don’t carry parts, but our friends at Worthington Ag Parts or Steiner Tractors should be able to help you with some John Deere parts. Check them out, hopefully they’ll have what you’re looking for!

      Thanks again for checking with the Titan Outlet Store!

      Titan Outlet Store Team

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  25. AgrariNet November 27, 04:17

    Hi Titan Outlet,
    Thank you for the follow on twitter!

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  26. Alejandro Orozco December 8, 17:10

    Hi, i am lookin for
    Module trucks
    Module Makers
    and also cotton pickers 9965 and 9976

    please send me a e-mail.

    [email protected]

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    • Titan Outlet Store Author December 8, 17:18

      Hey Alejandro,

      I’ll have Don, our Store Manager, email you about the items you’re looking for.

      Thanks for looking to the Titan Outlet Store for your ag equipment needs!

      -Al, Titan Outlet Store Team

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  27. dwight December 17, 08:13

    need a dozer instrument monitor for a 650h dozer p/n at223585 (new # at374219)

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  28. tina xu January 11, 00:06

    I’m looking for 9970 and 7660 model cotton picker machine.(new and used), and price as well, thank you.

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  29. jorge perez January 12, 15:53

    hi Im lookin for a 4 row plow any ideas where to get one

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  30. Don H. February 13, 11:21

    I am looking for a starter for a 1935 model b john deere , could you help me with this or tell me whom to contact. thanks

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