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How to Make Videos on the Farm Updated

🕔11:11, 6.Jul 2010

Preserving memories using the video camera is something that can be really fun. More and more people are taking their small pocket sized video recorder to capture loved ones in their natural settings, filming events such as graduation or sporting

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Titan Outlet Store: Used Tractor, Used Sprayer, Used Air Seeder Flyer Updated

🕔21:30, 5.Jul 2010

Here’s our current Used Tractor, Sprayer and Air Seeder flyer: Titan Outlet Store Used Tractor, Used Sprayer, Used Air Seeder Flyer Looking for something else? Maybe a used combine or header? Check out the Titan Outlet Store Inventory!

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: A View to Enjoy Updated

🕔13:19, 2.Jul 2010

Earlier this week, I was driving to work (about 18 miles) on a beautiful morning (I was a little late). The Sun hitting the fog that was just above the Corn, Soybean and Wheat fields that was along the highway

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: Efficiency a Concern in Ag Updated

🕔09:27, 2.Jul 2010

An article from the financial blog, Seeking Alpha, discusses the constant conflict between growers and the land itself – more hungry people with less land to farm. . Achim Steiner, head of the UN’s Environment Program, told Reuters: Agricultural production

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: Step Out on the Ledge…

🕔08:53, 30.Jun 2010

Step out on the Ledge….. I’ll keep this simple. If you are to be a breakthrough leader… … you must be prepared to take breakthrough action. Get over your fear of trampling on tradition… of being different… of making people

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: “How Wheat Works” Updated

🕔09:59, 28.Jun 2010

We’ve been introduced to a new resource for increasing consumer knowledge of the process in which wheat goes all the way from the seed to the table, with a ton of information about everything in between. The Wheat Foods Council

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: What the heck is Bit.ly? Updated

🕔12:15, 25.Jun 2010

You may be wondering where we’re trying to send you when you notice a link with bit.ly in the address – you’ll see it when we post things to our facebook wall or Twitter feed, if you’re using those sites

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: What’s Your Take on Raw Milk? Updated

🕔10:09, 25.Jun 2010

The debates are getting hot: is raw milk the cure-all, vitamin rich, immunity boosting wonder beverage advocates tout it as? Or is it the unsafe, e. coli spreading, liability that the antis (*antis being the FDA, CDC, and other health

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: Keep Cool This Summer Updated

🕔15:47, 24.Jun 2010

The first day of summer has finally come. Here are just a few reminders to you for precautions as the temperature starts to climb. Heat Exhaustion Symptoms: – Often pale with cool, moist skin – Sweating profusely – Muscle cramps

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