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A Symbol of Hope

🕔16:40, 22.Aug 2017

Rainbows have been associated with myth and folklore throughout history and still captivate people today.  How many of these interesting facts about this weather-related event do you know: Rainbows can only appear directly opposite the sun. Rainbows have seven colors.  Remember

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98, 99, 100!

🕔16:35, 22.Aug 2017

Yes, that’s about how many uses you can find for vinegar these days.  I have a few hacks I’d like to try very soon using this ingredient that’s as old as civilization itself (traces in Egyptian urns-3,000 B.C.E. and recordings

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Suicide Or Failure

🕔16:30, 22.Aug 2017

In March of 2015, I wrote about farmers and depression (www.titanoutletstore.com/farmers-and-depression-a-serious-challenge/) and noted a number of points that Michael Rosmann (researcher, University of Iowa adjunct professor and licensed psychologist) provided regarding contributing factors for this illness and actions that could be

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Are You an MG or an FG? Updated

🕔14:37, 31.Jul 2017

So why did you become a farmer?  There have been many studies showing that farm transitions are impacted by farm family dynamics, societal and cultural values, land ownership, succession, community factors and economic conditions.  And while social achievement and satisfaction through

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What Should Farm Kids Know? Updated

🕔14:36, 31.Jul 2017

The following list of things farm boys and farm girls should know came from The Best of the Old Farmer’s Almanac: The First 200 Years.  Back in 1867 things were a lot different…or were they?  Take a look at these two

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From Peace to Plague

🕔14:33, 31.Jul 2017

We’re all familiar with them…those pesky grasshoppers that never seem to know which direction they’re going to jump.  Ugh!  Definitely not one of my favorite insects.  I started musing about the differences between grasshoppers and locusts and found some interesting

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County Fairs-A Summertime Favorite

🕔13:18, 24.Jul 2017

  It’s not really known when the first county fair was held, but evidence indicates that these events occurred as early as 500 B.C.  Fairs were commercial in nature from the start, with merchants from other countries coming together to

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Learn From the Experienced

🕔13:14, 24.Jul 2017

Amol Deshpande, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Business Network, recently wrote an article for entrepreneur.com about the lessons that people starting a business for themselves can learn from farmers.  Here’s a recap of those lessons that everyone should embrace: Have a

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Top 10 Worries for Young Farmers

🕔13:09, 24.Jul 2017

Betsy Freese, writing for www.agriculture.com ,  recaps the most common concerns for young farmers and some ideas from Carl Horne (V.P. of Customer Solutions for Farm Credit Services of America/Frontier Farm Credit) on how to handle them.  Here’s a quick

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