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Enjoy the Show

🕔11:55, 12.Jun 2017

There’s a piece of Americana that pulls at the fringes of my memory, and that’s the summertime activity of drive-in theaters.  I was born just before this type of movie peaked at over 4,000 back in 1958, and my parents were up

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Total Eclipse of the Sun – Are You Ready?

🕔11:51, 12.Jun 2017

Today I read about something that I realized has been talked about for several years.  It sparked an immense interest for me, and now I’m determined to have an event at my house that features the Great American Eclipse of the

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Stuck on the Subject Updated

🕔13:30, 30.May 2017

I know we’ve talked about the subject of extricating farm equipment, but if you have new hires on your farm or see some room for more education regarding your older (and perhaps more complacent) workers, these tips could come in

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Ag Parts: A Multi-Dimensional Look

🕔13:30, 30.May 2017

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…and again, and again.  Farmers out of necessity, carry out a wide variety of tasks in order to keep their operation running.  Well, there’s a new skill that may be added to that already long

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Barbed Wire – A Twisted Tale…

🕔13:29, 30.May 2017

Barbed wire is something I’ve been exposed to all my life.  It is an integral part of the farm that conjures up memories of painful pokes and scratches as I tried to get in (or out) of a pasture or field.

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Shocking Revelations!

🕔13:56, 15.May 2017

There’s something I believe nearly all of us have learned from if we grew up on the farm, and that’s the lesson an electric fence teaches us.  As a farmer/rancher, selecting the right fencing for your operation and livestock can be a

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Farm Tips and Tricks

🕔13:55, 15.May 2017

“Tis the season”…when farmers are busy with spring work and everything else that comes with it.  Having a few tricks up your sleeve to minimize those things that impede your progress and cause frustration are vital.  I found several, and

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Working Together for Farming Solutions

🕔13:54, 15.May 2017

I would venture to say that a farmer has got to be one of the most under-appreciated people when it comes to creativity on the farm.  I often read of necessary characteristics to be a farmer involving finance, marketing, people

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