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By Titan Outlet Store January 29, 2014 10:02


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Refrigerators & Tractors: Built to Last

(2) things I learned this weekend about International Harvester equipment:


1. It’s a good idea to put your cans of beer (or soda) in the fridge upside down

2. If you want to buy a nice 20+ year old red tractor at auction, expect to pay more $$


Ok, I’ll start with the fridge thing. Yep, it’s IHC related. I got a message on our Machinery Pete Facebook page from Steven B. who sent me a pic of the 1955 International Harvester refrigerator he’s recently restored. Here’s the pic Steven sent me:


Huh, I didn’t even know International Harvester made fridges. I felt like about the only one who didn’t know when I tossed a pic of it on our Facebook page on Sunday and the comments lit up. Many folks chimed in to relay how their grandma, uncle, neighbor or childhood friend’s family had one, often times relaying how the 50+ year old IH fridge is still working well today!

Ok, now for the upside down beer (or soda) can thing. In the comment trail on our Facebook page I posted this additional pic Steven B. sent me of his restored 1955 International Harvester fridge with the front door off…full of liquid refreshment:


Now Facebook followers are an alert lot, as folks noticed the cans were all upside down in the pic. Inquiring minds want to know…why? Steven B. posted back this answer: “the reason for the cans upside down is so that nothing on the top shelf drips down on the drinking surface of the cans. My dad taught me that a longtime ago.”

Ahh, got it. Learn something new every day.

Which brings me to the 2nd thing I learned this weekend…actually a fact I’ve known for quite a while, just more solid proof  was delivered Saturday afternoon (January 25, 2014) on a farm auction in west-central Indiana where a very nice 1991 CaseIH 7140 tractor with 2,185 hours sold for $70,500…the 2nd highest auction price I’ve ever seen on a 7140. Here’s Youtube video of the 7140 selling, Jeff Bostton of Jeff Boston Auction Service on the call: 

-Greg Peterson, AKA Machinery Pete – Guest Blogger 


Titan Outlet Store
By Titan Outlet Store January 29, 2014 10:02
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  1. cecil bearden January 30, 07:32

    The tractor was used an average of 100 hours per year. It is like new, Its replacement would be at least $25K more, and it would have so much EPA crap on it that it would cost $20/hour more to run it. I would say this was a good buy!!

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