Our Top 15 Farm Equipment Twitter Accounts

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Our Top 15 Farm Equipment Twitter Accounts

From farm equipment dealerships to manufacturers, and from farmers to enthusiasts, there is no shortage of tractor talk on Twitter. We’ve got a good thing going on our Twitter account, with lots of engaged followers, while following a ton of great accounts. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite tweeters, in no particular order:

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1) @Case_IH. We sell a lot of red iron at the Titan Outlet Store. Case IH has a great online presence and engages regularly with their followers.

Their bio: “The world of farming is changing. Will you be ready? The Official Twitter feed for Case IH North America.”

2) @NewHollandAg. We also sell a lot of blue tractors – plus great harvest and haying equipment from New Holland.

Their bio: “Follow us for official New Holland Agriculture tweets. Product and brand news, live events and more. Farming technology of tomorrow. #agriculture #equipment

3) @UrbanMNfarmer. Brent Mohn is a farmer just outside of Minneapolis, MN, working ground right next to the city limits. He’s always talking tractors, combines or skid steers.

His bio: “Our family farm is over 150 years old. Today we continue to raise dairy steers for meat and grow corn, soybeans, and hay. I’m married with two little girls.”

4) @Cornfrmr. Randy Urmacher’s recent tweets have discussed cell phone service on the farm, a $5,000 load of seeds, and field conditions (complete with a screen shot of his cab’s monitor).

His bio: “Corn and soybean farmer from SC Nebraska, married to the beautiful @kathyu13, big NASCAR fan, love weekends at the lake…opinions are my own.”

5) @MachineryPete. Greg Peterson, AKA Machinery Pete, is our go-to guy for used farm equipment information. The guy knows farm equipment! He also guest blogs for us every other week, somehow finding time to write in between trips to farm equipment auctions.

His bio: “Writes Machinery Pete column for Farm Journal magazine and appears on RFD-TV. Compiling auction sale price data on farm & construction equipment since 1989”

6) @TitanAg. Titan Machinery’s agriculture division’s account, sharing news of our 60+ farm equipment dealerships and related news.

Their bio: “Case IH and New Holland Ag equipment dealership with over 60 locations in 5 states.”

7) @GriggsDakota. Fred and Jane Lukens are doing an incredible job of telling their North Dakota farm’s story through social media, mostly through a picture heavy, super informative blog (www.griggsdakota.com is where you can find it).

Their bio: Farmers Fred & Jane Lukens, who live on a 5th generation family farm and share stories of farming practices, rural life & growing food through our blog.

8) @darrenhefty. Darren is 1/2 of the popular television and radio show, Ag PhD, as well as a successful farmer and seedsman from South Dakota.

His bio: “Agronomy Updates from the Co-Host of Ag PhD TV and Radio.”

9) @brianhefty. The other 1/2 of Ag PhD and Darren’s brother. The Hefty Brothers host an informative Field Day at their farm near Baltic, SD every summer, showcasing best practices and their impressive farm spread.

His bio: “Co-host of Ag PhD TV & Radio, Agronomist, Farmer, and long-suffering Minnesota Vikings fan.”

10) @TrentBown. Trent Bown is a  dairy farmer in the high desert of Utah. We’ve had some great talk about tractors for feeding his cows. Give him a follow to learn more about where your milk comes from.

His bio: “5th generation #Dairy farmer. Husband, father of 3 in Utah… GOD, FAMILY, FARM, SPORTS. #UsGuys #UsFarmGuys #AgChat

11) @zjhunn. Zach Hunnicutt is another farmer using social media to talk about what’s going on on his Nebraska farm. I’ve had some of the popcorn they raise…it’s pretty wonderful.

His bio: “Turn sun, rain, soil & seed into corn, popcorn, and soybeans in Nebraska. My wife & I have 3 kids.”

12) @thefarmerslife. We sell plenty of John Deere equipment at the Titan Outlet Store, and I was beginning to think I was neglecting the green folks until listing Zach and now Brian Scott of Indiana. Brian is a super smart farmer using technology to farm efficiently.

His bio: “4th generation Indiana farmer. Father. Husband. Purdue grad. Corn. Soybeans. Popcorn. Wheat.”

13) @sunflowerfarmer. Mark Rohrich is a farmer and ag business owner in Southeastern North Dakota. He loves farming and has a great sense of humor.

His bio: “Farmer/Ag Biz Owner. Passionate about Ag. Sharing about agriculture, ideas,& life in North Dakota. #RohrichFarms @Maverickaginc

14) @DairyCarrie. Carrie Mess is as likely to come home from a farm auction with a couple new calves as she is a used tractor. There’s always an adventure when you follow Dairy Carrie!

Her bio: “I’m a cow, cheese, music& beer lover. Snarky. Authentically me. Often inappropriate, always honest. I care too much. People pay me money to talk, that’s weird.”

15) @zweberfarms. Tim Zweber is an organic dairy farmer, along with raising a few other entertaining species. He knows a lot about a lot of different things, one of them being tractors.

His bio: “4th generation, century old organic dairy. We also sell custom packages of pork, chicken and beef. Most tweets sent from a tractor or ATV seat.”

Here’s a pre-edit, one for Honorable Mentions (because I know I’m going to get flack for forgetting  someone!):

@Tykerman1, tweeting from the tractor cab
@FEeditors, Farm Equipment Magazine

Let us know who we missed in the comments and we will get them added!

-Al Winmill, Titan Outlet Store Team

By titanoutlet April 22, 2014 14:26 Updated
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