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A Must See Movie Updated

🕔09:21, 17.Oct 2017

I remember back in 2014 my viewing of the documentary film entitled Farmland, and how interesting it was to see and hear about the lives of six young, next generation farmers.   Films like this are an extremely important aid in educating our society about those folks responsible

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Added Value Daycare

🕔09:16, 17.Oct 2017

I’m sure a lot of our learning as we grew up on the farm was taken for granted, and we probably thought what we did day in and day out was nothing more than labor – not education!  But as we look back, most of

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What’s Old is New

🕔09:04, 17.Oct 2017

The concept is not new.  In fact, Bombay, India, is credited with using farm manure to generate methane gas in the 1930s. During World War II, the fuel shortage in Germany brought on the development of methane plants in rural areas, where

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To Serve and Support

🕔11:55, 3.Oct 2017

We are all painfully aware of the potential for injury and death on farms, and while education and improved safety measures are in place, accidents still happen.  Farmers and ranchers in the United States rank second among laborers with disabilities

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For Fun and Future Updated

🕔11:55, 3.Oct 2017

    The clubs and activities outside of my classes in high school were probably the highlight of my education, and I can imagine students today are exposed to an ever-increasing selection of things to do.  Besides being a great opportunity

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Vertical Tillage Variances Updated

🕔14:36, 2.Oct 2017

In North America during the 70s and 80s, a series of ideas and instruction emerged that were intended to improve soil health, reduce soil erosion and compaction, and improve water penetration.  But there has never been an established standard within the industry 

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What’s Up With Apps?

🕔11:20, 19.Sep 2017 appears to be a great resource for all sorts of news and information including the latest apps that will help you with your farming operations.  You can even sign up for weekly email updates for new apps that they’ve added.

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This Spud’s For You!

🕔11:19, 19.Sep 2017

Along with the harvest of grains, beets and soybeans comes the mighty potato!  The Northern Plains of North Dakota and Minnesota is the third largest potato growing region in the country with over 250 growers producing over 40 million hundredweight of

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What’s Happened Before will Happen Again

🕔11:18, 6.Sep 2017

It’s happened before.  A drought of such magnitude that people, land and livelihoods were severely impacted.  Some of you remember the Dust Bowl drought that lasted through the 30s; more of you recall the drought that California dealt with for five years

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