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Tag "Agriculture"

Reducing the Trade War Pain Updated

🕔08:35, 21.Sep 2018

On September 4th, the USDA began executing plans regarding the Agriculture Trade Retaliation Mitigation Package to help farmers who are suffering losses due to international tariffs.  The following USDA departments will assist in this implementation: USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA):  will administer

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Distraction Attraction Updated

🕔11:11, 20.Sep 2018

Three years ago I ran across a video done by Summers Farm in Frederick MD and wrote about one of their attractions that they open up to the public (  Their 2015 corn maze featured Taylor Swift (  Because Saturday is

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Farm Demographics Destiny

🕔15:06, 4.Sep 2018

It’s no secret… The results of the most recent census published by the USDA show continual downturns compared to the previous data collected.  Here are some comparisons between the 2012 and 2007 census results:     The only bright spot in this information

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Agriculture and the Classroom Updated

🕔11:05, 21.Aug 2018

If you haven’t done so already, many of you will soon be sending your children back to school.  Growing up, field trips used to be a common method of enhancing a student’s learning experience, but with today’s financial constraints and liability

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Tractor TLC

🕔11:05, 21.Aug 2018

It’s harvest time.  Some of you have finished, others are still in the thick of things.  It may be tempting to simply park that combine and tractor once you’re finished so you can put your feet up and get some

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Field Service Logic

🕔17:44, 17.Jul 2018

  It won’t be long before the summer harvest is in full swing and along with the satisfaction of  gathering your crops are the worries that breakdowns will impede your progress.  Time is money, and sometimes the windows of opportunity

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Hemp Crop Climbing Higher

🕔17:43, 17.Jul 2018

I wrote about marijuana and industrial hemp about four years ago ( and learned a lot about this rapidly expanding crop.  Today, 36 states have legalized hemp cultivation to varying degrees, with the first commercial planting occurring in 2013 when

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This Year’s Corn Concerns

🕔10:02, 3.Jul 2018

Brian Weller, lead agronomist for Central Farm Service, knows that insects are the concern in a dry year and diseases are your worry in a wet year.  Because this spring has been cool and wet, here are some of the

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Connecting People Forever Updated

🕔14:04, 19.Jun 2018

It’s really quite simple – the movement of one’s hand (or just a finger) to acknowledge someone we meet.  The original gesture of waving was saluting, which was formalized in the 1780s, and in the 1800s waving handkerchiefs was used

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