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Farm Recipe: Chicken Bacon Ranch Potato Bake

🕔08:59, 18.Apr 2017

This recipe had me at the title, and Janelle said it was a big hit at her house.  She did reduce the amount of potatoes she used considering the size she had purchased.  I’m definitely going to try this soon!

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Farm Recipe: Dill Pickle Potato Salad

🕔10:42, 16.Aug 2016

I never deviate from my regular potato salad recipe because there are usually repercussions from people who don’t want anything about this dish changed.  But the other day I was on the Tastefully Simple® website and I found this recipe that

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America’s Greatest Problem Updated

🕔10:03, 20.Jul 2016

I came across a recent opinion article from Appalachian Magazine that was written by Jeremy Farley. This article offers what may be a sound explanation for what’s happening in this world so I encourage you to take a moment and read it. America’s Greatest

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Farm Recipe: Bacon-Broccoli Salad

🕔09:52, 30.Dec 2015

Now that the holidays are over, we all start thinking about those resolutions for the new year.  One of them for many of us, is eating right and losing weight.  Here’s a wonderful salad that Janelle from our office made

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Farm Recipe: Crock Pot Garlic Bacon Chicken

🕔11:00, 11.Aug 2015

I’ve recently turned my attention back to my crock pot and tried this recipe from  Simple and delicious is all I can say, and what a way to “fancy-up” a chicken meal.  If you like (like I do) bacon,

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Farm Recipe: Bacon & Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs Updated

🕔11:38, 17.Jun 2015

I’ve always loved eggs in any way, shape or form.  What a great source of protein any time of the day!  I enjoy preparing deviled eggs for various functions as they’re pretty popular with most people, and can usually guarantee

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Farm Recipe: Amanda’s Tater Tot Hotdish Updated

🕔08:51, 24.Sep 2014

I’m sure you’re all familiar with tater tot hotdish.  This has been around for sometime and I’ve prepared it for as long as I can remember.  I was discussing this dish with a friend one day and she gave me

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Farm Recipe: BLT Pizza

🕔10:12, 6.May 2014

Make-Your-Own pizza is a lost art in my family.  I have several pizzas in my refrigerator just waiting to be thrown into the oven for a quick and easy meal.  But the other day I found a recipe for BLT

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A Few Fun Facts About Pigs

🕔08:44, 22.Feb 2014

Our Pinterest page has been getting a lot of traffic lately with more and more people joining Pinterest every day. Some of the most common pins on our home page are recipes followed up by scenery pictures ,but in the last

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