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Behind Every Great Man…

🕔17:44, 2.Apr 2018

You’ve heard that phrase-  Behind every great man is a great woman.   This expression has been in use at least since the 1940s and suggests that no man becomes successful on his own.  Very often there’s a woman who has had

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FREE Per Acre P&L Calculator Updated

🕔11:58, 18.Aug 2015

Market Wise Ag Services started its first location in 1992 and now has 6 locations throughout Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa.  This company provides market consulting, marketing strategy recommendations, and brokerage services, and they methodically help farmers use the government program,

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Let’s Make a Deal… Updated

🕔14:23, 1.Dec 2014

Harvest is nearly over for this year, and many of you are thinking about how to effectively position yourself in financial terms so you can perpetuate your farming operation.  Many questions are asked and many facts are considered so that

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10 Tips for Leasing Farm Equipment Updated

🕔16:53, 21.Oct 2014

It’s no secret that grain prices are down, but inputs are still priced high on the farm. We love selling used farm equipment at the Titan Outlet Store, but many people don’t know that we’re also in the leasing game,

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Tips for Successful Agriculture Finances

🕔15:47, 15.Oct 2014

Most producers think the key to success is a low cost product for a high cost crop. That is what farmers strive for when making decisions based on their finances, but it’s also not always realistic. Mother Nature takes a

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Machinery Pete: Time To Buy A Used Combine? Updated

🕔11:40, 21.Jul 2014

Summer…a good time to buy a used combine. Sounds crazy, buying just prior to harvest, you’d have to pay more money, right? Nope, not usually the case according the auction sale price data I’ve been compiling now for nearly 25

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Mini Baler Bales Yard Clippings: Video Updated

🕔11:21, 16.Jul 2014

Watch a video of a mini baler that makes bales out of yard clippings.

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John Deere Kid Asleep at the Wheel

🕔11:45, 3.Jun 2014

Watch a video of a kid who fell asleep at the wheel of his John Deere tractor rides around.

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Save Fuel – Save $$$

🕔13:24, 2.Jun 2014

It’s common knowledge that field operations can be one of the biggest uses of energy on your farm, but there are ways that you can make things more efficient.  Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension energy educator says the

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