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Winter Technology Tips

🕔08:44, 8.Jan 2018

Every farmer knows the importance of winterizing your equipment, and  AGCO has introduced an acronym – FARMS – to help you remember the basic steps: F: Fill Tanks A: Adequately Lubricate R: Repair Damage M: Maintain and Clean S: Store

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Vertical Tillage Variances Updated

🕔14:36, 2.Oct 2017

In North America during the 70s and 80s, a series of ideas and instruction emerged that were intended to improve soil health, reduce soil erosion and compaction, and improve water penetration.  But there has never been an established standard within the industry 

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Corn Row Spacings – The Good and Bad

🕔08:59, 8.Mar 2017

Gone are the days when a farmer spaced his row crops to accommodate farm animals that pulled the equipment.  Today, the most important decisions for corn row spacing are corn product selection and plant population; and researchers continue to compare

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Be the Seed When It Comes to Your Planter

🕔08:55, 8.Mar 2017

Have any of you ever “become” the person or thing you’re trying to analyze in an attempt to gain perspective?  Well Dave Brennan, guest blogger for Case IH recommends thinking like the seed for which you’re prepping your planter.  Doing

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Great deals just arrived!

🕔14:03, 6.Apr 2016

GREAT DEALS JUST ARRIVED TO TITAN OUTLET STORE, TAKE A LOOK:   Combine Case IH AF9120 before USD 169.219 NOW USD 150.000!! Combine Case IH 7230 before USD 168.916 NOW USD 135.000!! Combine Case IH 7130 before USD 154.439 NOW USD 102.000!! *Promotion

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Machinery Pete: First Class Mail Delivery!

🕔15:05, 29.Mar 2016

It’s no secret that our friend, Machinery Pete gets around.  Here’s a great video from him about a gentleman by the name of Shane Crock from Greenfield Indiana whom he originally met through Facebook and recently interviewed at an Indiana

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10 Ideas to Get You Spring-Ready

🕔08:16, 2.Mar 2016

This is the time of year when we all start to get the itch…for Spring, the outdoors and great weather.  For farmers, it’s all about getting in the field, but for those of us in the Midwest, it’s still a

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Machinery Pete: 2388 Combine Stands Out

🕔09:05, 16.Dec 2015

The tractors were green and blue, but the combine was red. And boy was it nice. On a December 7th farm retirement auction I covered in northeast Colorado, it was a 1999 Case IH 2388 with 1,134 engine hours, so

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Machinery Pete: Strong Auction Price Highlights

🕔10:04, 18.Nov 2015

I saw some very strong sale prices to kick off the year end rush of farm machinery auctions last week.  Mid November has tended to be a great time of year to sell the 8 years and it appears the

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