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Tag "Casserole"

Farm Recipe: Chicken Bacon Ranch Potato Bake

🕔08:59, 18.Apr 2017

This recipe had me at the title, and Janelle said it was a big hit at her house.  She did reduce the amount of potatoes she used considering the size she had purchased.  I’m definitely going to try this soon!

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Farm Recipe: Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole

🕔09:39, 3.Aug 2016

Here’s a great recipe if you’re looking for a side dish.  I love broccoli all by itself, but who can turn down some added cheese?  I did change one ingredient, however.  For you folks who are concerned about diabetes and

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Farm Recipe: Potato-Rice-Hamburger Hotdish Updated

🕔09:02, 26.Aug 2015

Here’s another family favorite from Janelle in our office.  This recipe is uncomplicated and covers your starch, vegetable and meat groups.  If you’re looking for a new idea for tonight’s supper, give this a try! Potato-Rice-Hamburger Hotdish 6 medium raw

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Farm Recipe: Easy Turkey Tetrazzini Updated

🕔15:17, 29.Jan 2015

Do you have any left over turkey?  After cooking a bird and shredding it for some great-tasting sandwiches, Janelle from our office prepared this dish from what was left.  Chicken or tuna would work as well, and you can see

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Farm Recipe: Homemade Irish Cream Liquor Updated

🕔08:53, 22.Dec 2014

I absolutely love indulging in Irish cream liquor during the holidays, but this year I refrained from buying it.  I instead found this recipe on  which inspired me to make it – some for myself and some for a

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Farm Recipe: Oriental Hamburger Casserole Updated

🕔08:59, 16.Dec 2014

Here’s a great recipe that a co-worker of mine shared with me the other day.  It’s one of her family’s favorites, and gives you another taste option for your hotdish recipe collection.  If you’re tired of the American, Mexican or

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Farm Recipe: Amanda’s Tater Tot Hotdish Updated

🕔08:51, 24.Sep 2014

I’m sure you’re all familiar with tater tot hotdish.  This has been around for sometime and I’ve prepared it for as long as I can remember.  I was discussing this dish with a friend one day and she gave me

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Farm Recipe: Four Bean Casserole

🕔14:32, 25.Aug 2014

Our office found another excuse to have a potluck – and that’s a great thing!  Here’s a casserole that expands on your usual baked beans hotdish, and it’s easily prepared in a 3 quart crockpot.   This is a great

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Farm Recipe: Easy Crescent Veggie Pizza Updated

🕔10:35, 18.Aug 2014

Here’s a recipe that’s always been a big hit at my house.  If you’re reaping the rewards of a garden this year, take some time between canning your vegetables to make a healthy and refreshing veggie pizza.  It’s easy and

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