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Winter Technology Tips

🕔08:44, 8.Jan 2018

Every farmer knows the importance of winterizing your equipment, and  AGCO has introduced an acronym – FARMS – to help you remember the basic steps: F: Fill Tanks A: Adequately Lubricate R: Repair Damage M: Maintain and Clean S: Store

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Add Years of Life to Your Combine

🕔09:15, 30.Aug 2016

Mark Hanna, Extension ag engineer for Iowa State University, says that good post-harvest combine maintenance might prevent some costly damage when it’s in storage.  Of course, the basics of winterizing a combine start with a good cleaning.  After that comes an

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Insane (But True) Things About Winter Work for Farmers

🕔08:48, 23.Dec 2015

  So far, the winter of 2015 has been quite mild with little or no snow and warmer-than-normal temperatures; and aside from possible concerns about adequate moisture for next year’s growing season, I don’t think many folks are complaining.  After all, a

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Farm Equipment Timelapse Video: Spring Cleaning at the Titan Outlet Store

🕔09:34, 22.May 2013

A fun timelapse video from the Titan Outlet Store showing our lot being rearranged.

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