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Take the Cold Quiz

🕔12:25, 8.Jan 2018

To those of us living in the Midwest, it’s business as usual.  But to many others across the U.S., the recent cold temps seem to be a harsh reminder of Mother Nature’s show of strength and dominance over the human race. 

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Farm Recipe: Frito Corn Chip Bars

🕔16:35, 28.Oct 2015

Some recipes (and the ideas behind them) never cease to amaze me.  I tasted these bars last Sunday and they were delicious.  Such a great mix of sweet and salty, and SO easy to prepare.  These bars must be a

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Farm Recipe: Peppernuts Updated

🕔14:08, 27.Jan 2015

Cookie standards these days are a little different than they used to be.  If a cookie is hard today, it’s probably considered stale!  But many recipes that come from our mothers and grandmothers had to be hard – and that’s

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Farm Recipe: Homemade Irish Cream Liquor Updated

🕔08:53, 22.Dec 2014

I absolutely love indulging in Irish cream liquor during the holidays, but this year I refrained from buying it.  I instead found this recipe on  which inspired me to make it – some for myself and some for a

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Farm Recipe Friday: Coffee Mug Quiche (And Other Dishes in a Mug!)

🕔15:55, 27.Apr 2012

Fun recipes for quiche in a coffee mug and a few other great ideas for cooking in a coffee cup!

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