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Tag "Congress"

Daylight Saving Time Ends

🕔14:10, 30.Oct 2018

Not forever of course – just for this year.  The time change many of us made this past spring has been quite a contentious subject over the years, dating back to when Benjamin Franklin playfully advocated laws  in 1874 that pressured

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Expiration Exasperation

🕔13:03, 16.Oct 2018

  The 2018 Farm Bill expired on September 30th, but what exactly does this mean?  This massive and complex  piece of legislation is like a huge bundle of dozens of different programs rather than a single bill and not all

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The Face of a New Farm Bill Updated

🕔08:53, 27.Feb 2018

I recently received the NFU E-Newsletter and wanted to share what the National Farmers Union says about our nation’s Farm Bill: The Farm Bill is the most important and comprehensive piece of food and farm legislation in the United States.  It’s critical not just

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A Positive Path for Rural America

🕔16:14, 5.Feb 2018

Anne Hazlett, the USDA’s Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development, recently spoke of a signed executive order that created an Agricultural and Rural Prosperity task force.  More than 21 different federal agencies with resources to help rural communities gathered

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Farm Safety Net Programs Signup Deadline Ends Sept 30 Updated

🕔13:33, 22.Sep 2015

The 2014 farm bill which is the focal point of the U.S. government’s food and agricultural policies, created Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) to cushion farmers’ financial loss in tough economic times.  ARC protects against falling

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G.M.O.’s – Is Escaping Regulation Safe? Updated

🕔13:35, 27.Jan 2015

Back in 1986, a framework was announced stating that the oversight of crops would be shared by the Agriculture Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration; and rather than enact new laws for genetically engineered crops,

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Machinery Pete: Time To Buy A Used Combine? Updated

🕔11:40, 21.Jul 2014

Summer…a good time to buy a used combine. Sounds crazy, buying just prior to harvest, you’d have to pay more money, right? Nope, not usually the case according the auction sale price data I’ve been compiling now for nearly 25

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Could 2012 Be the End of Section 179?

🕔16:52, 10.Dec 2012

Section 179 helps you purchase farm equipment – read about the changes and the future of this program.

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