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The Face of a New Farm Bill Updated

🕔08:53, 27.Feb 2018

I recently received the NFU E-Newsletter and wanted to share what the National Farmers Union says about our nation’s Farm Bill: The Farm Bill is the most important and comprehensive piece of food and farm legislation in the United States.  It’s critical not just

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What Could Our Future Farming Look Like?

🕔16:29, 20.Jan 2014

The pressures of regulations, permits, fluctuating costs, animal rights activists and big retail chains, among other things over the last fifteen years have brought the U.S. food industry to where it is today.  The many food shows and countless on-line

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Farmers Fight – Stand Up for Agriculture

🕔16:32, 16.Apr 2012

A video detailing the importance of agriculture and the link from farmers to consumers.

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