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This Year’s Corn Concerns

🕔10:02, 3.Jul 2018

Brian Weller, lead agronomist for Central Farm Service, knows that insects are the concern in a dry year and diseases are your worry in a wet year.  Because this spring has been cool and wet, here are some of the

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Anthrax in Indiana

🕔08:24, 14.Dec 2016

It was only a single, mixed-breed bull that died as a result of anthrax infection, but such occurrences are so uncommon in Indiana that there is no record of this disease ever being present in the state before the incident

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Crop Pests of the Feathered Kind

🕔08:55, 30.Nov 2016

You probably know them well – sparrows, starlings, crows, and other berry-eating birds.  And if you own and operate a vineyard, you’re even more mindful of those birds that can wipe out much of your crop.  Pest birds usually move

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The Zika Virus: Coming to a Farm Near You?

🕔08:00, 27.Apr 2016

This report came out very recently regarding the Zika virus, and the articles I’ve researched and read since the outbreak have my head reeling.  Here are some of the terms and names in the media that have been connected to

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The “Cheaper” Version of Scouting Technology Updated

🕔17:04, 28.May 2014

The “Cheaper” Version of Scouting Technology
A farmer in South Dakota has came up with a new way using aerial technology to scout his crops.
It could save you a couple thousand dollars in the long run.

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Tips To Refresh Your Pastureland This Year

🕔11:04, 5.Feb 2014

Refreshing your pastureland. A drought situation can be an opportunity to improve grazing lands for the future. Many of you might be okay with this considering your pastures may have been due for an overhaul anyways. Below I will give

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Cleaning Up the Egg Industry

🕔13:54, 6.Aug 2013

Learn more about what”s being done to protect consumers by cleaning up eggs.

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Be on the Look Out for Corn Diseases Updated

🕔16:39, 22.Jul 2013

Scouting for diseases can save your crop this summer. Learn more inside.

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