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Tag "Economics"

Farming: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going

🕔10:08, 22.Feb 2017

  Al Kluis , writing for Successful Farming, reminds everyone that in order to move forward in agriculture, you need to look back and learn from the ups and downs.  Here’s a recap of the last five decades: 1970s: Farm prices

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Corporate Farming of Yesteryear

🕔10:31, 19.Oct 2016

Oftentimes the misfortune of one becomes the good fortune of another.  This was the case for Northern Pacific Railroad, whose charter was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in July of 1864.  Economic conditions forced the company into bankruptcy in 1873,

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The Farm [Video]

🕔12:37, 31.Dec 2012

Terry saw an interesting show and decided to write a blog post about it. See inside for more!

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10 Benefits of Being A Farm Wife Updated

🕔16:26, 15.Jun 2012

A few funny thoughts of the benefits of being a wife on a farm.

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