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Could This Be Your Calling? Updated

🕔14:39, 7.Dec 2018

  U.S. agriculture is among the most productive and economically valuable sectors in the world thanks in part to the advancement of machines and equipment that do the tending, planting, and harvesting of our crops.  Today, diesel engines power more than

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Behind Every Great Man…

🕔17:44, 2.Apr 2018

You’ve heard that phrase-  Behind every great man is a great woman.   This expression has been in use at least since the 1940s and suggests that no man becomes successful on his own.  Very often there’s a woman who has had

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Added Value Daycare

🕔09:16, 17.Oct 2017

I’m sure a lot of our learning as we grew up on the farm was taken for granted, and we probably thought what we did day in and day out was nothing more than labor – not education!  But as we look back, most of

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Handy Harvest Tips

🕔13:41, 26.Jun 2017

We are still a few weeks away from harvest here in the Midwest, but for many of you, it’s right around the corner.  It always helps to have some resources that will improve your chances for a successful harvest and

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Women Supporting Ag are NWHF Inductees Updated

🕔10:10, 22.Feb 2017

As I read about the accomplishments by women who’ve been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, I was amazed and filled with admiration for these individuals that rose above challenges and moved forward to bring positive change to this world.

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These Farms Will Never Die (Video)

🕔15:47, 24.Jan 2017

Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you like watching cop  and crime scene shows?  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m addicted, and based on the number of these shows on TV, a lot of other people

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What Might Have been…

🕔09:54, 2.Nov 2016

Farming has been around for about 12,000 years, but it wasn’t until a century ago that some folks realized the need to teach this livelihood and others in our schools.  Since the passing of the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917, countless numbers

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Insane (But True) Things About Winter Work for Farmers

🕔08:48, 23.Dec 2015

  So far, the winter of 2015 has been quite mild with little or no snow and warmer-than-normal temperatures; and aside from possible concerns about adequate moisture for next year’s growing season, I don’t think many folks are complaining.  After all, a

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Farm Life: Here are some Facts Updated

🕔16:35, 30.Sep 2014

I ran across a couple of lists the other day about growing up on a farm.  Both recaps, while citing some points that are up for debate by some, were considered nothing but advantageous in the eyes of those two

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