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Contending with a Cash Crunch

🕔08:43, 8.Jan 2018

It’s a reality that credit for farming is tightening up throughout the corn belt and great plains.  Some farmers have used up their working capital (a measure of cash or grain available for sale to meet a farm’s financial obligations),

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What Would Your Mother…or Your Kids Think? Updated

🕔08:12, 2.Mar 2016

Have you ever found yourself facing a situation that required a decision on your part – and the decision you made put you on the “shady” side of things?  I’m sure everyone in this world comes up against such events

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Farm Kids: Be Safe – Be Certified Updated

🕔16:36, 11.Aug 2015

May 5, 1995.  A 12-year-old boy working part-time for a farmer was killed when he lost control and overturned a tractor in a 12-foot deep roadside ditch.  Iowa FACE 95IA009 July 30, 1994.  A 10-year-old boy died from injuries sustained

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Cool Temps and Frost Can Affect Your Corn Updated

🕔14:26, 8.May 2014

Some of you may have your corn planted already, which eases your anxiety…or does it?  The strain of cold temperatures can have a negative effect on the growth of seedlings, and it  also makes them more vulnerable to invasion by

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