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A Valentine’s Day Story

🕔09:31, 21.Feb 2018

Because this holiday is still fresh in our minds, I’m going to tell a Valentine’s Day story that, although completely imaginary, may ring true for a lot of you.  I’ve also added a twist, so read on: Ah yes, February 14th.  You’ve been making

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A Positive Path for Rural America

🕔16:14, 5.Feb 2018

Anne Hazlett, the USDA’s Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development, recently spoke of a signed executive order that created an Agricultural and Rural Prosperity task force.  More than 21 different federal agencies with resources to help rural communities gathered

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DIY Winter Shop Projects

🕔16:13, 5.Feb 2018

If you’ve done all your usual maintenance and repairs on your equipment and still have some spare time before spring gets here, Successful Farming has four of the best apparatuses built by farmers.  Space, efficiency and convenience dictated these designs,

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Fame and Farming

🕔17:28, 22.Jan 2018

As you sit in your easy chair and watch your favorite sports team perform, do you ever dream about being one of those professional players who seem to have it all?  Well the fame and fortune for some of them

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Use Your Head to Protect It

🕔17:27, 22.Jan 2018

It’s football season!  And basketball season!  And hockey season!  The list goes on and our society’s obsession with sports seems to grow each and every day.  But this interest has recently included an increased awareness of injuries associated with those activities. 

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The Brain-Pain Game

🕔17:27, 22.Jan 2018

If there’s anyone on this earth who has NEVER had a headache, I’d like to meet that person!  This ailment is common among most, and I’m betting many farmers work in spite of these pains because their livelihood gives them no

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Take the Cold Quiz

🕔12:25, 8.Jan 2018

To those of us living in the Midwest, it’s business as usual.  But to many others across the U.S., the recent cold temps seem to be a harsh reminder of Mother Nature’s show of strength and dominance over the human race. 

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Winter Technology Tips

🕔08:44, 8.Jan 2018

Every farmer knows the importance of winterizing your equipment, and  AGCO has introduced an acronym – FARMS – to help you remember the basic steps: F: Fill Tanks A: Adequately Lubricate R: Repair Damage M: Maintain and Clean S: Store

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Contending with a Cash Crunch

🕔08:43, 8.Jan 2018

It’s a reality that credit for farming is tightening up throughout the corn belt and great plains.  Some farmers have used up their working capital (a measure of cash or grain available for sale to meet a farm’s financial obligations),

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