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Behind Every Great Man…

🕔17:44, 2.Apr 2018

You’ve heard that phrase-  Behind every great man is a great woman.   This expression has been in use at least since the 1940s and suggests that no man becomes successful on his own.  Very often there’s a woman who has had

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Two Musts to Discuss With Your CPA

🕔12:44, 21.Dec 2016

The cyclical downturn in agriculture that we’ve been experiencing may well continue into 2018, depending on who you’re talking to.  In these difficult times, it’s your accountant as a partner and guide that can provide critical information before you enter

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Make it $8,500 and Everyone Goes Home a Winner!

🕔11:01, 27.Apr 2015

Paul E. McGhee, PhD, wrote about laughing in the midst of stress, saying you need to actively use your sense of humor in dealing with the hassles and stresses in your life to get the coping benefits.  He says if

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Weathering Hard Times as a New Farmer

🕔15:23, 26.Mar 2015

It’s no secret that the agricultural economy is experiencing a downturn, and in contrast to seniors who have grown their net worth over the last few years, beginning farmers with little equity could be the most susceptible to these changes.

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10 Tips for Leasing Farm Equipment Updated

🕔16:53, 21.Oct 2014

It’s no secret that grain prices are down, but inputs are still priced high on the farm. We love selling used farm equipment at the Titan Outlet Store, but many people don’t know that we’re also in the leasing game,

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