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Take the Cold Quiz

🕔12:25, 8.Jan 2018

To those of us living in the Midwest, it’s business as usual.  But to many others across the U.S., the recent cold temps seem to be a harsh reminder of Mother Nature’s show of strength and dominance over the human race. 

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Hot-Weather Safety Tips For Construction Sites

🕔17:12, 16.Jun 2014

Many construction jobs are commonly done through the seasons of April- October creating dangerous temperatures for many people during the heat of the summer. Those that operate a construction firm also have an important job which is to keep their

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Record Breaking U.S. Drought Map

🕔11:41, 10.Jul 2012

A map showing just how dry the United States are right now.

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Titan Outlet Store Blog: Keep Cool This Summer Updated

🕔15:47, 24.Jun 2010

The first day of summer has finally come. Here are just a few reminders to you for precautions as the temperature starts to climb. Heat Exhaustion Symptoms: – Often pale with cool, moist skin – Sweating profusely – Muscle cramps

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