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Anthrax in Indiana

🕔08:24, 14.Dec 2016

It was only a single, mixed-breed bull that died as a result of anthrax infection, but such occurrences are so uncommon in Indiana that there is no record of this disease ever being present in the state before the incident

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You Never Have to Leave the Farm… Updated

🕔10:20, 16.Nov 2016

If you haven’t yet, you will one day have to deal with moving loved ones off the farm and into a facility that gives them support in their daily living.  It seems that transitions like this are a lot harder for

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Old Advice for a New Year

🕔09:53, 30.Dec 2015

Here are some wise words of advice from old farmers that you may want to take with you into the new year.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and even though some of them seem “dated”, the general principles behind

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The Best Gift…Ever

🕔08:49, 23.Dec 2015

I was all set to write about some great gadgets that we could all get for gifts this year, and then while I was checking out a particular product’s Facebook page, I ran across this story written by an unknown

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Cloning – For the Future and the Past

🕔09:03, 16.Dec 2015

China has recently taken a big step forward to solve the problem it’s having with feeding its population.  Because Chinese farmers are struggling to produce enough beef cattle to meet market demand, they’ve begun building a $31 million dollar cloning facility

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Pony Tales: What Do You Know?

🕔15:18, 1.Dec 2015

I hope you enjoyed my piece on interesting turkey facts.  I promised at that time that I would give equal billing to horses and cows, and I may expand on that list as time goes on.  After reading these intriguing

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How Do You Move a Cow?

🕔16:03, 29.Jul 2015

How do you move a cow?  Sounds like the start of a joke, but the business of shipping U.S. Livestock internationally is no laughing matter.  Larry Baker is the livestock coordinator  for TLT Silver Tiger Logistics which is part of

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Horse Powered Wood Splitter: VIDEO Updated

🕔13:13, 20.Jan 2015

Now, here is an interesting video!  These horses are helping by riding on a wooden old school treadmill to make the wood splitter split the wood. The horse is a Ridgewind Farm Suffolk Punch Gelding, named Tong and the wood splitter

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