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Contending with a Cash Crunch

🕔08:43, 8.Jan 2018

It’s a reality that credit for farming is tightening up throughout the corn belt and great plains.  Some farmers have used up their working capital (a measure of cash or grain available for sale to meet a farm’s financial obligations),

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The Final Episode

🕔10:37, 10.Jul 2017

Retirement.  A radical idea first proposed to the German parliament in 1881 by Otto von Bismarck outlining government-run financial support for older members of society.  In those days, people simply did not retire.  If they lived, they probably worked on a

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Add Years of Life to Your Combine

🕔09:15, 30.Aug 2016

Mark Hanna, Extension ag engineer for Iowa State University, says that good post-harvest combine maintenance might prevent some costly damage when it’s in storage.  Of course, the basics of winterizing a combine start with a good cleaning.  After that comes an

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If You’ve Got a Pair, Show Us! Updated

🕔13:35, 27.Apr 2016

Overalls.  Probably my all-time favorite article of clothing. They were introduced around 1750 and first called “slops”, used as a protective piece meant to prevent work related wear and tear to a person’s breeches and stockings which were standard fashion at the

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Temporary Grain Storage for Bumper Crops Updated

🕔09:48, 27.Jul 2015

Are you gazing out at your fields with much anticipation, hoping you’ll see record yields this year?  That’s the result everyone hopes for, but these good fortunes do potentially present a challenge when it comes to storage.  Dave Mowitz writes

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Winter Care for Farm Equipment Updated

🕔13:37, 8.Dec 2014

Now that harvest is over, it’s time to slow the pace and winterize that equipment you’ve been pushing to the limits in order to get your crops off the fields.  I’m sure most of you can do these things in

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The Combine – Purchase or Not?

🕔13:30, 20.Jun 2014

The weather has been a challenge for many this year in terms of getting crops planted, and it continues to be  a frustration as those crops try to grow.  But I’ve learned that farmers are pretty optimistic people.  They have

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Save Fuel – Save $$$

🕔13:24, 2.Jun 2014

It’s common knowledge that field operations can be one of the biggest uses of energy on your farm, but there are ways that you can make things more efficient.  Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension energy educator says the

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Still Waiting? Updated

🕔08:49, 6.May 2014

They say patience is a virtue, but when it comes to getting those corn and soybean crops planted I’m sure there are other qualities farmers would rather have right now.  Your planter has probably been ready for weeks and all

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