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Winter Technology Tips

🕔08:44, 8.Jan 2018

Every farmer knows the importance of winterizing your equipment, and  AGCO has introduced an acronym – FARMS – to help you remember the basic steps: F: Fill Tanks A: Adequately Lubricate R: Repair Damage M: Maintain and Clean S: Store

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From Peace to Plague

🕔14:33, 31.Jul 2017

We’re all familiar with them…those pesky grasshoppers that never seem to know which direction they’re going to jump.  Ugh!  Definitely not one of my favorite insects.  I started musing about the differences between grasshoppers and locusts and found some interesting

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Corn Row Spacings – The Good and Bad

🕔08:59, 8.Mar 2017

Gone are the days when a farmer spaced his row crops to accommodate farm animals that pulled the equipment.  Today, the most important decisions for corn row spacing are corn product selection and plant population; and researchers continue to compare

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The Endangered Bumble Bee

🕔10:09, 22.Feb 2017

What’s the big deal, right?  Well, bumble bees are the most important pollinators of crops such as blueberries, cranberries, and clover and almost the only insect pollinators of tomatoes.  They are more effective pollinators than honey bees for some crops

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La Niña? Maybe-Maybe Not Updated

🕔09:49, 16.Nov 2016

Back in March of this year, I posted an article the explained the differences between El Niño and La Niña.  If you want a refresher on these two weather patterns, I found another short video that explains the effects of El Niño

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Corporate Farming of Yesteryear

🕔10:31, 19.Oct 2016

Oftentimes the misfortune of one becomes the good fortune of another.  This was the case for Northern Pacific Railroad, whose charter was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in July of 1864.  Economic conditions forced the company into bankruptcy in 1873,

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The Harvest Brigade

🕔11:39, 28.Oct 2015

How many of you know where the term “combine” comes from?  I have to admit that I have never given it much thought in all the years I’ve been around farming, but this origin makes perfect sense:  “combine” was born

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Dassel – Where Minnesota’s Seed Corn Began! Updated

🕔17:19, 28.Sep 2015

How many of you knew that back in the late 1800s, Minnesota was considered too cold to grow corn?  Well by the late 1930’s, farmers from Dassel, MN and a corn seed variety call Minnesota 13 played a major role

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Farmers – Let’s Wave! Updated

🕔11:17, 16.Mar 2015

I was having a conversation with a coworker the other day and was explaining to him how I grew up doing (and still do to this day) the “farmer wave”.  This video does a superb job of explaining the various

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