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Your Land or Theirs? Updated

🕔16:27, 1.May 2018

For nearly 150 years the federal government has exercised its right to claim the land of private citizens, and traditionally eminent domain has been utilized to facilitate transportation, supply water, construct public buildings and aid in defense readiness – all for

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Contending with a Cash Crunch

🕔08:43, 8.Jan 2018

It’s a reality that credit for farming is tightening up throughout the corn belt and great plains.  Some farmers have used up their working capital (a measure of cash or grain available for sale to meet a farm’s financial obligations),

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This Spud’s For You!

🕔11:19, 19.Sep 2017

Along with the harvest of grains, beets and soybeans comes the mighty potato!  The Northern Plains of North Dakota and Minnesota is the third largest potato growing region in the country with over 250 growers producing over 40 million hundredweight of

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Independence…Every Day

🕔13:43, 26.Jun 2017

Our United States was officially born on July 4, 1776.  It was the day in history that the U.S. became a free and independent state from England, and ever since then, I believe our nation and it’s ideas of freedom

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Tick Time!

🕔08:58, 18.Apr 2017

It’s those little arachnids (like scorpions, spiders and mites) we all watch for every spring.  Ticks are considered to be a pest because some species bite people and feed on blood.  They can also feed on dogs, other pets and livestock.  Removing

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Corporate Farming of Yesteryear

🕔10:31, 19.Oct 2016

Oftentimes the misfortune of one becomes the good fortune of another.  This was the case for Northern Pacific Railroad, whose charter was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in July of 1864.  Economic conditions forced the company into bankruptcy in 1873,

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A Farming Practice to Address Climate Change Updated

🕔17:25, 3.Oct 2016

Thirty years ago, Al Gore began a discussion on global warming and the need for our world to take action in an effort to reduce/slow it.  It’s no secret that this topic has become widely debated  by many, and I’d like

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Bison Tea Bags Updated

🕔11:29, 13.Apr 2016

The Plains Indians knew how to use everything they had.  They wasted nothing, and one example of this would be the Bison they hunted.  I found a very interesting and extensive chart that lists their uses for this magnificent animal:

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Value-Added Agriculture = Spirited Success

🕔11:22, 13.Apr 2016

The term value-added agriculture was born in response to the concern that the farm value of the consumer food dollar continues to decrease.  This concept might be a means for farmers to capture a larger share of the consumer food

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