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Defending Descendants

🕔14:02, 19.Jun 2018

  Today is the first day of summer, and it means lots of farm activity.  If you spent last Sunday with your children in celebration of  Father’s Day, remember their smiling faces and commit yourself to keeping them safe while you go about

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Your Kids and ATVs

🕔13:18, 5.Jun 2018

I remember it well – the balloon tires and fiberglass body of that Honda ATC90 that my father bought for my siblings and I so we’d be entertained on the farm.  He refused to buy us horses, claiming they would bother the

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Make Spraying a Specialty

🕔16:28, 1.May 2018

The act of spraying in its most basic terms involves using chemicals to rid your fields of pests.  But in this day and age when issues of cost control and potential damage from drift loom large, it’s important to make spraying a

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Stay Healthy During Harvest

🕔11:56, 31.Oct 2017

Easier said than done, right?  You’re focused on the weather, your crop yield and equipment performance, along with having the necessary farm help in order to get the job done.  But your personal health is another important component to a

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Drones Updated

🕔11:18, 6.Sep 2017

There may be a good number of you folks who’ve crossed over into the realm of drones, and Andrew Soucek of Botlink has some valuable tips for making sure you start off on the right foot.  Here’s a quick recap: In

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Stuck on the Subject Updated

🕔13:30, 30.May 2017

I know we’ve talked about the subject of extricating farm equipment, but if you have new hires on your farm or see some room for more education regarding your older (and perhaps more complacent) workers, these tips could come in

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To Burn or Not to Burn…

🕔16:19, 1.May 2017

As I read about the massive wildfires that burned across the high plains back in March of this year, I thought about the part that burning has played in agriculture since very early times.  My research brought me to different

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A Winter Project for Safety

🕔12:21, 26.Dec 2016

There are new lighting and marking requirements that have been established by the U.S. Department of Transportation which sets a standard for any equipment manufactured after June 22, 2017.  This rule incorporates two American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

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Don’t Love Your Old Tractor to Death

🕔11:40, 13.Apr 2016

Some of my fondest memories from growing up on the farm involve an old John Deere “B” tractor.  That was the first tractor I ever learned to drive and I to this day can remember the “tricycle” style front wheels,

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