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Hemp Crop Climbing Higher

🕔17:43, 17.Jul 2018

I wrote about marijuana and industrial hemp about four years ago ( and learned a lot about this rapidly expanding crop.  Today, 36 states have legalized hemp cultivation to varying degrees, with the first commercial planting occurring in 2013 when

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This Year’s Corn Concerns

🕔10:02, 3.Jul 2018

Brian Weller, lead agronomist for Central Farm Service, knows that insects are the concern in a dry year and diseases are your worry in a wet year.  Because this spring has been cool and wet, here are some of the

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Soybean Basics

🕔10:17, 27.Dec 2017

Many of you have already started thinking about your planting intentions for 2018, Chad Lee, University of Kentucky Extension Professor along with Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin Extension soybean and wheat specialist have some suggestions that could help you in these times

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Two Musts to Discuss With Your CPA

🕔12:44, 21.Dec 2016

The cyclical downturn in agriculture that we’ve been experiencing may well continue into 2018, depending on who you’re talking to.  In these difficult times, it’s your accountant as a partner and guide that can provide critical information before you enter

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Farmers Plan to Reduce 2015 Crop Expenses Updated

🕔16:08, 9.Feb 2015

502 Delegates at the Illinois Farm Bureau’s annual meeting this past December were asked various questions about their farm plans, the industry and technology.  Here’s a quick recap of what they had to say (note that totals are greater than

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Pros and Cons of Grain Storage Methods

🕔15:55, 10.Sep 2014

With much of last year’s grain still in storage and a bumper crop and low prices this year grain storage is in high demand. Grain can be stored many different ways ,but all options should keep the grain dry and

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Cannabis – Marijuana AND Industrial Hemp? Updated

🕔17:02, 30.Jun 2014

There’s one subject lately that’s inspired many discussions, and that’s the subject of medical marijuana.  This product – used in twenty-two states medically and probably all states recreationally- comes from the Cannabis Sativa L plant.  But industrial hemp also originates

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Wireless Technology That Helps Planting Accuracy Updated

🕔11:37, 7.May 2014

Wireless Technology That Helps Planting Accuracy
Now that planting season has arrived for many of us, farmers are striving to be as efficient and quick as possible to get the crop in which can lead to skips in some areas. Skips can cost farmers thousands of dollars in revenue and result in losing yield and the opportunity for weeds to grow in the unplanted areas.

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10 Tips to Prep Planting Equipment for Spring

🕔08:27, 18.Mar 2014

Read tips on getting the most out of your planting equipment this spring.

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