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Farm Recipe: Sausage Egg Roll in a Bowl

🕔14:39, 20.Mar 2017

I love Chinese food, but I never make it at home for just myself.  One day, however, I found this recipe that came from  I tried it once, and can honestly say that this is one recipe I’ve used a

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Farm Recipe: Cashew Chicken Updated

🕔11:58, 3.Jun 2015

Our office administrator Janelle, shared this recipe of hers which is a family favorite.  If you’ve got a craving for some Asian food, try this!  Janelle actually doubles the recipe below.   CASHEW CHICKEN Ingredients *SAUCE* 1/2 Cup Chicken 2

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Farm Recipe: Oriental Hamburger Casserole Updated

🕔08:59, 16.Dec 2014

Here’s a great recipe that a co-worker of mine shared with me the other day.  It’s one of her family’s favorites, and gives you another taste option for your hotdish recipe collection.  If you’re tired of the American, Mexican or

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Farm Recipe: Hungarian Mushroom Soup

🕔10:29, 30.Oct 2012

A recipe for Hungarian Mushroom Soup from Terry Olson.

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