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Corn and Soybean Farmers Must Act Now

🕔08:50, 27.Feb 2018

  Steve Johnson, farm and ag business management specialist with Iowa State University recently tried to get attendees at an annual ag outlook meeting to create grain marketing plans.  Only about half actually have any sort of plan and Johnson

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Soybean Basics

🕔10:17, 27.Dec 2017

Many of you have already started thinking about your planting intentions for 2018, Chad Lee, University of Kentucky Extension Professor along with Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin Extension soybean and wheat specialist have some suggestions that could help you in these times

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Farming on Mars….Really?

🕔11:56, 14.Nov 2017

We’re not sure who actually discovered it, but people have been watching this planet since before the year 1500.  I’ve read that Mars is a terrestrial planet, meaning it is “of, on, or relating to the earth”, but in many

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If You’re Tired of the Same Old Crop… Updated

🕔11:38, 6.Sep 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow something other than corn or soybeans?  Well there are some pretty lucrative options if you’re willing to give it a try.  First, let’s do a little math… The Department

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A Symbol of Hope

🕔16:40, 22.Aug 2017

Rainbows have been associated with myth and folklore throughout history and still captivate people today.  How many of these interesting facts about this weather-related event do you know: Rainbows can only appear directly opposite the sun. Rainbows have seven colors.  Remember

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Handy Harvest Tips

🕔13:41, 26.Jun 2017

We are still a few weeks away from harvest here in the Midwest, but for many of you, it’s right around the corner.  It always helps to have some resources that will improve your chances for a successful harvest and

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The Season is Here! Updated

🕔09:54, 2.Nov 2016

I’m not talking about planting or harvest, but I am talking about a season that many people wait and prepare for for months – hunting season.  In the Midwest, whitetail deer are common, and many hunters will put up their stands

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Prison Farms – In or Out?

🕔08:36, 8.Jun 2016

Prison farms seem to be an enigma, and their purpose and success from one extreme to another has been analyzed and debated for many reasons.  As an example, South Carolina has three major farming operations.  At one, inmates grow vegetables

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The Girl is Back!

🕔08:10, 2.Mar 2016

For years (I’ve seen records back to the 1950s), weathermen have analyzed and tracked two very distinct weather patterns – El Niño and La Niña.  But I personally have never been able to keep the two straight in my mind.  As

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