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This Year’s Corn Concerns

🕔10:02, 3.Jul 2018

Brian Weller, lead agronomist for Central Farm Service, knows that insects are the concern in a dry year and diseases are your worry in a wet year.  Because this spring has been cool and wet, here are some of the

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While You’re Waiting

🕔09:44, 17.Apr 2018

Tuesday, March 20th marked the first day of spring, and that usually gets farmers excited for sunshine, warmth and this year’s planting season.  But because Mother Nature has a mind of her own, many are still waiting – perhaps impatiently –

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10 Ideas to Get You Spring-Ready

🕔08:16, 2.Mar 2016

This is the time of year when we all start to get the itch…for Spring, the outdoors and great weather.  For farmers, it’s all about getting in the field, but for those of us in the Midwest, it’s still a

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Farm Recipe: Rhubarb Slush

🕔14:27, 21.Jul 2015

Is your Rhubarb patch getting out of control?  If you’ve made enough jam and cake for the season, try this refreshing drink option.  Remember that rhubarb is a vegetable, so think about the health benefits!  Better use sugar-free sweetener though…

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Scouting Tips For Black Cutworm Updated

🕔12:42, 25.Jun 2014

Recently the emergence of cutworms has been a problem for some farmers. It’s almost as if these little buggers turn up overnight or something. Corn planting and weed control delayed by wet field conditions and coupled with a major black

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Managing Your Flooded Fields This Spring Updated

🕔17:00, 9.Apr 2014

Managing Your Flooded Fields This Spring.
Believe it or not, last spring was recorded as the wettest spring in over 100 years! We all also remember the major flooding of 2011, but 2013 still outshined it. Studies have shown that excessive rainfall has increased by at least 30% in the last 50 years, mostly in the spring.

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3 Keys to Higher Corn Yields This Year Updated

🕔16:05, 9.Apr 2014

3 tips for increasing corn yields this year.

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Spring Tree Planting Done Right Updated

🕔14:23, 2.Apr 2014

Learn more about planting trees this spring for tree rows, shelterbelts and other places around the farm.

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Preparing for Spring 2014

🕔13:49, 18.Mar 2014

Let’s face it.  This had been one of the coldest winters in recent years, and while it’s been trying, it does provide some benefits as we head into this year’s growing season.  Kentucky-based Syngenta agronomist Chuck Leonard has this to

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