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Behind Every Great Man…

🕔17:44, 2.Apr 2018

You’ve heard that phrase-  Behind every great man is a great woman.   This expression has been in use at least since the 1940s and suggests that no man becomes successful on his own.  Very often there’s a woman who has had

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A Positive Path for Rural America

🕔16:14, 5.Feb 2018

Anne Hazlett, the USDA’s Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development, recently spoke of a signed executive order that created an Agricultural and Rural Prosperity task force.  More than 21 different federal agencies with resources to help rural communities gathered

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To Serve and Support

🕔11:55, 3.Oct 2017

We are all painfully aware of the potential for injury and death on farms, and while education and improved safety measures are in place, accidents still happen.  Farmers and ranchers in the United States rank second among laborers with disabilities

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Top 10 Worries for Young Farmers

🕔13:09, 24.Jul 2017

Betsy Freese, writing for ,  recaps the most common concerns for young farmers and some ideas from Carl Horne (V.P. of Customer Solutions for Farm Credit Services of America/Frontier Farm Credit) on how to handle them.  Here’s a quick

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What Do Whiskey, Biscuits and Cake Have in Common?

🕔09:40, 3.Aug 2016

Just like your great-great grandmother’s brooch, Purple Straw Wheat is a South Carolina heirloom.  It was found to have been cultivated continually in the South from the 1700s up until the 1970s when it was abandoned by modern hybrids that

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Why Do Millennials Love Farming?

🕔09:11, 25.May 2016

You know to whom I’m referring – the last people born in the 20th century.  Here’s a quick video that explains the differences in our generations over the years: No matter what your view is of this latest generation, I

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And Speaking of Chickens…ALL ABOARD!

🕔11:54, 30.Mar 2016

I read an article the other day that was rather intriguing.  It was about a 160-acre mob grazing system near Oxford, Iowa.  Now the first thing I wanted to know was what the term “mob grazing” actually meant, and so

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Crops in a Container

🕔09:00, 9.Dec 2015

Nearly six years ago, the Freight Farms company began because of the vision and desire of Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara to create a better food system.  They set out to develop products and services that would allow urban agriculture

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Where Does the Red-Blooded Farmer Stand? Updated

🕔10:09, 11.Nov 2015

I read several different headlines and articles the other day about our American farmer and found a wide range of information and viewpoints.  It’s safe to say that by the time you get to the end of this blog, you’ll

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