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Teresa Olson
By Teresa Olson January 8, 2018 12:25


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To those of us living in the Midwest, it’s business as usual.  But to many others across the U.S., the recent cold temps seem to be a harsh reminder of Mother Nature’s show of strength and dominance over the human race.  Just for fun and a little education (not to mention the reality that weather is always a safe subject for conversation), I’m giving you a Cold Quiz (See below).  Test yourself to see if you know the facts surrounding these myths about the cold:

  1. Do you lose most of your heat from your head?
  2. What should you do if your fingers or toes are cold?
  3. Is a cup of coffee or sip of brandy a good way to warm up?
  4. If you go out in the cold, will you catch cold?
  5. If you fall through the ice and into water, will you die of hypothermia right away?
  6. Do you need to worry about dehydration when you exercise during cold weather?
  7. If you’re stranded and thirsty, should you eat snow?
  8. If you feel cold, does everyone else feel cold too?
  9. Is shivering good?
  10. Does cold always feel the same?

Here are your answers:

  1. No, because heat loss is connected to surface area.  BUT if you’re all  bundled up, you’ll lose more body heat through an uncovered head.
  2. Don’t rub, but wiggle them instead as rubbing can cause tissue damage.  Cover them with a warm hand until they feel better.  NEVER accept numbness (it’s a sign of potential freezing), and don’t try to warm frostbitten skin until you’re free from the danger of refreezing.  That can lead to even more tissue damage.
  3. No.  Caffeine and alcohol actually hinder the body’s ability to produce heat, and can cause your core temperature to drop.  Instead, drink warm water or a beverage that contains sugar, giving your body fuel to produce its own energy.
  4. No.  You catch cold from a virus, not the cold.
  5. Maybe.  Remember the one-ten-one rule.  You have one minute to gain control of your breathing (a common reaction to extreme cold is hyperventilating).  You have 10 minutes to make attempts to get out of the water, and if you have no success, you have one hour before hypothermia will render you unconscious.  If you can no longer use your limbs, adopt a position in the water that conserves body heat (curl up with limbs close) until help arrives.
  6. False.  Exercising can make you sweat anytime, and you lose more water through your breath when it’s cold.  Dehydration in the cold can obstruct the body’s ability to produce heat.
  7. No.  Sucking on snow and/or ice can lower your body temperature and can lead to internal injuries.  Try melting ice or snow between your layers of clothing.
  8. No.  Age, gender, fitness level and a person’s ability to acclimate to the cold are all contributing factors.
  9. Yes.  It means that your body is trying to warm up.  Skeletal muscle contractions (shivering) can triple your body’s heat production.
  10. No.  It all depends on what our bodies are used to, which is why ten degrees feels colder in the fall than it does in the spring.

Stay warm everybody, and remember that Mother Nature’s reward for our perserverance comes March 20, 2018!

-Terry Olson, Titan Outlet Store Team




Teresa Olson
By Teresa Olson January 8, 2018 12:25
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