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By titanoutlet December 31, 2012 12:37


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The Farm

I was channel-surfing the other night and stumbled on a show called American Journey.  This particular night they were featuring The Farm, and I thought this was probably going to give me some great content for this week’s blog.  Well, I was certainly surprised when I listened to the story and found out that The Farm is actually a community in Tennessee whose beginnings go back to 1971.  Yes, a group of approximately 300 people made a down payment on the 1,050 acre Black Swan Ranch south of Nashville and traveled from California in their caravan of 60 school buses to get there.  These people – basically hippies, began living together because they all held similar ideals and beliefs, and although this community has seen many changes over the last 40 years, they still co-exist today because of their ability to adapt and evolve by surviving both good and bad times.

Here’s a video I found:


The history of this “farm” was rather interesting and so I continued to watch the program, while trying to find parallels to agriculture.  These hippies did learn how to farm from their Tennessee neighbors, and did so for many years until economics forced them to look at other avenues of income.  The first business they established was The Book Publishing Company, and they also started a yoga studio and media services which produces videos for marketing, training and documentaries, and also hosts websites.  Some of their businesses are service-oriented and provide a variety of technical skills to satisfy the needs of the modern world.  The community’s most successful business uses their electronic skills to develop a line of products.  They produce Geiger counters and other instruments which detect radioactivity, and these devices are widely used in hospitals, labs and civil defense.

There’s a whole lot more about The Farm that can be learned by visiting their website: and a lot of their ideas and practices may or may not fit into mainstream society’s thinking.   But as I educated myself and kept an open mind, I did find some connections between this Tennessee community and farms as most of us know them today.

  • The importance of this earth and the need to be good caretakers of this environment.
  • The utilization of green construction and building principles – from recycled materials to energy efficient designs.
  • Implementation of various supplemental revenue streams.
  • Outreach to local and overseas communities through professional services and volunteering.
  • Generational participation and education in an effort to continue efforts long into the future.
  • Business models that support the interests and endeavors of everybody involved.

Many of you might think this is quite a reach, but I guess the trick is to look beyond the differences and focus on the similarities.  The Farm continues to serve as a model for a way in which humans can live together in peace, and as we begin a new year, that would be my ultimate wish for all humanity, whether you live on a farm, in the city, in a rural community, or on The Farm in Tennessee, understanding and acceptance of our friends and neighbors everywhere will go a long way towards creating a better world.

May you all have a Happy New Year!

Terry Olson – Moorhead Titan Outlet Store

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By titanoutlet December 31, 2012 12:37
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