Titan Outlet Store Staff Attends Hefty Brothers’ Ag PhD Farm Field Day

By titanoutlet July 26, 2011 17:25 Updated


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Last Friday, we had the opportunity to attend an event in Baltic, SD put on by some friends of Titan Machinery – The Hefty Brothers’ Ag PhD Farm Field Day 2011. Six of us from the Moorhead store met two of the salesmen from our Cherokee location for the day and learned a ton.

The Hefty Brothers – Darren and Brian – are busy guys. They own a successful seed company, host a TV show, and farm on a nice operation in Southeastern South Dakota. They host the event at their home farm, using their buildings, fields, and open spaces to teach about modern farm practices and how they do things around their farm.

From their site:

On Friday, July 22, we’ll be hosting a huge Field Day on our farm near Baltic, SD. You’ll see a live tiling demonstration with several tile plows and a lift station. We’ll have 10 to 14 large plot displays featuring the latest seed and ag chemical technologies in corn, soybeans, wheat, and a handful of other crops. Brian and Darren will be going through these plots to give you their take on what is and is not working on farms across the country. You’ll also see a compaction demonstration and display like you’ve probably never seen before.

We’ll have a soil mapping, probing, and testing demonstration.

There will be a Case I-H Ride & Drive complete with tractors and tillage equipment on several acres.

We’ll have new technology displays and demonstrations from companies like Raven, FarmLogic, Outback, TJ Technologies, and many more.

Besides that, we’ve got educational sessions including a Tile Design Class, Drainage Law, Estate Planning, Soil Mapping, and Tile Guidance System Updates with Intellislope and AGPS.

They had  a TON of cool stuff to see. We went to the drain tile demonstration first. They were showing how to plow fields and install drain tiles to improve drainage on fields. Here’s a picture:

A Case IH MX335 set up to plow drain tiles in Baltic, SD

There was a group there demonstrating the difference in tire size, tread, and other factors and how they relate to compaction when combining. A picture from that demonstration:

Case IH 9120 combine demonstrating soil compaction during combining.

We saw some really great looking crops as well. Corn that is coming along wonderfully and some of the best soybeans any of us had seen in our areas. We also got to visit with some of the sales staff from Stine Seeds – they were great guys. Here are some pictures:

Stine Seeds Corn

Some great looking South Dakota soybeans from Stine Seed

Our dealership network, Titan Machinery, brought a lot of great equipment, including this Case Construction excavator to play excavator basketball. Event attendees were invited to get behind the controls of this machine and pick a basketball up from a construction cone and drop the ball in a garbage can. It was pretty tough but many participants did well!

Titan Machinery's Case Construction Excavator Basketball

A few more pictures:

A shot of some Hefty Brother's Seed Company soybeans with some equipment from Titan Machinery in the background.

A nice Case IH tractor hooked up to a planter in Baltic, SD.

The Titan Outlet Store team by the Farm American NASCAR. I'll save this story for a future blog post.

Thanks for reading – if you’re ever in South Dakota, try to visit the Hefty Brothers Seed Company. They’re a couple of great guys doing a great job at promoting agriculture.

-Al Winmill, Titan Outlet Store Team

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By titanoutlet July 26, 2011 17:25 Updated
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