Wisconsin Road Crews Finding Another Use For Cheese

🕔13:01, 31.Jan 2014

In a state known to many of us as America’s dairyland, Wisconsin road crews are finding other ways to make use of their dairy production.  Road crews in Wisconsin have been using cheese on the roads to thaw out the

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Farm Recipe: No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars

🕔09:39, 31.Jan 2014

For those of you who like the those bars held together with melted marshmallows, here’s another idea.  These bars were a cinch to make and are likely to be a hit wherever you take them, especially if you like Oreos.

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Women and Their Land

🕔15:09, 30.Jan 2014

It seems incredible to think that since 1981 there are 750,000 fewer family farms.  But while this number of farms decreases, family farm acreage increases.  Farming continues to serve as the foundation of our American society, and there have been

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Machinery Pete: Refrigerators & Tractors – Built to Last

🕔10:02, 29.Jan 2014

Machinery Pete talks tractors and refrigerators this week. Check it out!

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Grain Exports Are Dealing With Frigid Temperatures

🕔16:12, 28.Jan 2014

What effects have recent cold temperatures had on grain exports? Find out inside.

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Farm Recipe: Chicken Alfredo Casserole

🕔08:50, 28.Jan 2014

The blizzard last Sunday forced everyone to remain in  doors and stay comfortable, and one thing that plays a big part in that comfort is food.  I’ve been hanging on to this recipe which I found posted on my Facebook

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App Review: "Winter Survival Kit"

🕔08:14, 27.Jan 2014

Learn more about an app that could save your life this winter.

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And the Beet (Juice) Goes On!

🕔16:39, 23.Jan 2014

Last week, McKenzy wrote about Wisconsin’s use of cheese brine and rock salt to maintain roads during the winter. She sited some arguments against the use of beet juice, but I live in an area where sugar beets are one

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What Could Our Future Farming Look Like?

🕔16:29, 20.Jan 2014

The pressures of regulations, permits, fluctuating costs, animal rights activists and big retail chains, among other things over the last fifteen years have brought the U.S. food industry to where it is today.  The many food shows and countless on-line

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