CASE Pneumatic Tire Compactor Rolls Out Voids: VIDEO Updated

🕔14:27, 31.Oct 2014

Have you seen the awesome line-up CASE construction equipment has of compactors? Ranging from a couple different Dozer models! Check out this video of a PT240 pneumatic tire compactor rolling out the voids in asphalt for a Georgia contractor. -McKenzy Olson,

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Bugs for Brunch? YUM?! Updated

🕔11:36, 29.Oct 2014

As we all know, the Food and Drug Administration allows certain defects in some of our food.  For those of you who have never given this a thought – “defects” means that there may be a certain amount of insect

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Harvest, Rinse, Repeat: Long Fall Hours for Farmers Updated

🕔15:18, 28.Oct 2014

What do you think of when you hear the word Fall? For me it’s the leaves changing, football, sweaters and boots, beautiful sunsets, and harvest time. I’ve always loved fall, but not everyone can say the same. Summer has come

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Top 5 Classified Ads On Titan Outlet Store Updated

🕔10:31, 28.Oct 2014

Did you know? On Titan Outlet you can advertise your farm/construction machinery FREE of charge by using our classified section. This section is highlighted in Yellow on the homepage as shown in the picture below. Once you post a unit

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Farm Recipe: Chicken Taco Soup Updated

🕔13:23, 27.Oct 2014

This week has brought cooler temperatures to our area, and with that comes thoughts of those hearty dishes that keep our bellies warm.  I use canned chicken for a lot of my recipes (it’s a great alternative to cooking and

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10 Tips for Leasing Farm Equipment Updated

🕔16:53, 21.Oct 2014

It’s no secret that grain prices are down, but inputs are still priced high on the farm. We love selling used farm equipment at the Titan Outlet Store, but many people don’t know that we’re also in the leasing game,

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Bats – NOT Seeing Them Should Scare Us!

🕔13:55, 21.Oct 2014

Ever heard of the phrase “Bats in the belfrey”?  It’s an antiquated term for insanity or madness and while some people I know may associate me with that phrase, belfrey is actually the top of a bell tower on a church, where

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Machinery Pete: Rare Case Tractors

🕔09:25, 21.Oct 2014

Rare Case Tractors It’s fun to find the needle in the haystack. That’s kind of what feels like when I run across a rare piece of farm equipment sold at auction somewhere in the U.S. and Canada. Always makes me

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Excavator Side Loads Itself On Trailer: VIDEO

🕔17:08, 20.Oct 2014

Some fellows up in British Columbia take video of themselves loading their Case CX210 on the side of a lowbed trailer. If you haven’t seen this tedious process done before, take a look! Here’s the video: -McKenzy Olson, Titan Outlet

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