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New Tech Old Planters: The Birth of a New Industry Trend Updated

🕔17:44, 2.Apr 2018

The Planter Market has been a rollercoaster since 2014. Four years ago, if you had a planter larger than a single row you had a hard time getting rid of it. Like other equipment segments, planters were highly produced and

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Machinery Pete: Meaningful Tracks Updated

🕔09:52, 14.Jan 2015

What do you suppose this bad boy will sell for? A Case IH 340 with tracks. Just got his pic from one of our Machinery Pete Facebook followers. He asked if I had seen one sold at auction yet? Nope,

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Machinery Pete: 30+ Year Old IHC Tractors Selling For Record Prices

🕔10:04, 19.Nov 2014

The 4 highest I’ve ever seen. What? Auction sale prices on IHC 186 Hydro tractors, each sold here in 2014. Coming into this year the highest auction sale price I’d ever seen on a 186 Hydro (made from 1976-1981) was

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Machinery Pete: Rare Case Tractors

🕔09:25, 21.Oct 2014

Rare Case Tractors It’s fun to find the needle in the haystack. That’s kind of what feels like when I run across a rare piece of farm equipment sold at auction somewhere in the U.S. and Canada. Always makes me

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Machinery Pete: Magnum Tractors Attract Top Bids

🕔08:47, 7.Oct 2014

Sharp. About the simplest way to describe the 1998 CaseIH 8930 tractor with 2,227 hours that sold today (October 1, 2014) on a west-central Minnesota farm auction for $77,500. Still a ton of buyer demand for these really nice condition

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Machinery Pete: MN Auction Brings Top Money

🕔12:26, 15.Sep 2014

One of the most amazing auction prices I’ve seen so far this year? $166,000 for this 2005 Case IH 2388 combine with only 547 engine hours (344 sep. hours) sold on an August 18, 2014 farm auction in southwest Minnesota.

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Machinery Pete: Red Tractors With A Smile

🕔13:30, 18.Aug 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014…”Red Tractor Day in Minnesota” No, wasn’t a proclamation from the Governor or anything, it just felt that way to me thanks to a pair of auctions featuring some beautiful IHC tractors. One auction was a consignment

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Machinery Pete: Long Drive Home To Nebraska

🕔16:21, 29.Jul 2014

Long Drive Home to Nebraska I’ve been covering farm machinery auctions a long time, nearly 25 years. Folks ask me quite often, “Machinery Pete, what is the most memorable thing you’ve seen sold at auction?” It takes me a while

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Machinery Pete: Time To Buy A Used Combine? Updated

🕔11:40, 21.Jul 2014

Summer…a good time to buy a used combine. Sounds crazy, buying just prior to harvest, you’d have to pay more money, right? Nope, not usually the case according the auction sale price data I’ve been compiling now for nearly 25

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