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The World is Flat! Updated

🕔09:36, 18.May 2010

THE WORLD IS FLAT! It seems it is getting that way in the farming and construction industries. There used to be a time when a farmer or contractor needed to upgrade or expand their used equipment line they would head

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Recovering Economy Expected to give Beef Price Boost Updated

🕔10:20, 14.May 2010

It’s looking like the cattle raisers are going to get much need boost for the price of their cattle this coming Summer and Fall. Been reading what experts are predicting record prices for beef in this country. In December, finished

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Service With a Smile Updated

🕔15:49, 12.May 2010

I was out shopping the other day and I noticed how the sales people actually avoided eye contact with the customers. I wondered how they continued to get customers in the store with that kind of greeting. As I thought

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Just Another Day in the Cockpit Updated

🕔14:46, 11.May 2010

While some might consider spray pilots a bit crazy – and they are – you also have to respect the work they do and how dangerous it is. When the farmers can’t get tractors into the fields to spray due

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Accurately Remembering the Good Old Days Updated

🕔12:39, 10.May 2010

Isn’t funny the older we get; our memories of our younger years tend to get a bit skewed. I enjoy listening to people’s stories, and of course I throw in a few of my own. But I would be willing

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May YouTube Video Contest Updated

🕔08:28, 7.May 2010

The $1000 winner is Jeff Cieslak!! Congratulations Jeff! The winning video: May Video Contest Have your video submission in by May 25th. The $1000 winner will be chosen on May 31. We are having a video contest through YouTube! Subscribe

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There’s Always a Reason to Smile Updated

🕔12:01, 6.May 2010

Did you wake up breathing this morning? Can you process details through your mind? Are your kids and spouse OK? Put a smile on your face – let it spread to the lives you touch Next time you are complaining

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Things to Do when the Weather is Crappy Updated

🕔17:04, 29.Apr 2010

For the past two days now the weather has been less than ideal for outside work or activity.  So I find myself thinking all the stuff I need to finish in doors.  I have tons of postings to do of

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Never Irritate a Woman… Updated

🕔17:05, 28.Apr 2010

Never irritate a woman who can operate a backhoe… Women are Angels…and when someone breaks our wings…we simply continue to fly – on a broomstick.  We are flexible like that. -Michelle Powers (Used construction equipment specialist at the Titan Outlet

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