New parts for CIH Disk Harrow   more
$36,000.00   CIH RMX330-25
25' TRUE TANDOM   more
$8,000.00   IH5600
IH 5600 Chisel Plow w/harrows, 33ft.   more
$6,000.00   30Ft. Flexicoil
30Ft. Flexicoil S-tine cultivator, harrow, coilpacker.   more
$18,000.00   Aerway
ground aireator works up the top 8".   more
$1,500.00   Rome Disc/Plow
9 to 10 foot wide   more
Very nice condition, field ready, floating wheels, nice paint   more
$5,000.00   Ripper
527 Ecolo-Tiger Ripper   more