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A Positive Path for Rural America

🕔16:14, 5.Feb 2018

Anne Hazlett, the USDA’s Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development, recently spoke of a signed executive order that created an Agricultural and Rural Prosperity task force.  More than 21 different federal agencies with resources to help rural communities gathered

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Enjoy the Show

🕔11:55, 12.Jun 2017

There’s a piece of Americana that pulls at the fringes of my memory, and that’s the summertime activity of drive-in theaters.  I was born just before this type of movie peaked at over 4,000 back in 1958, and my parents were up

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America’s Greatest Problem Updated

🕔10:03, 20.Jul 2016

I came across a recent opinion article from Appalachian Magazine that was written by Jeremy Farley. This article offers what may be a sound explanation for what’s happening in this world so I encourage you to take a moment and read it. America’s Greatest

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7 Scary Facts About Global Warming Updated

🕔08:38, 20.Oct 2014

The new National Climate Assessment was launched this past May and it’s being considered a landmark document for more than one reason.  It’s written in a language that we can all understand; it’s not being covered up or ignored, and

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