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Tag "Crop rotation"

This Year’s Corn Concerns

🕔10:02, 3.Jul 2018

Brian Weller, lead agronomist for Central Farm Service, knows that insects are the concern in a dry year and diseases are your worry in a wet year.  Because this spring has been cool and wet, here are some of the

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Effective Crop Rotation Updated

🕔15:39, 27.Jan 2015

It’s no secret that crop rotation is a critical piece to farming operations.  It can reduce weed and pest control as well as fertilizer costs, increase the amount of moisture that the soil will absorb, improve soil health and nutrient

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Before You Harvest Your Corn Updated

🕔12:58, 16.Sep 2014

There are a few downtime tasks that farmers can do prior to getting their corn crops off the field and into storage, and these tasks can vary by year depending on the growing season.  Choosing hybrids for next year can

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