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Farming on Mars….Really?

🕔11:56, 14.Nov 2017

We’re not sure who actually discovered it, but people have been watching this planet since before the year 1500.  I’ve read that Mars is a terrestrial planet, meaning it is “of, on, or relating to the earth”, but in many

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Support the Bovine Arts! Updated

🕔11:23, 3.Feb 2015

Nobody can claim that we here at the Outlet Store lack refinement and class.  Over the years, you’ve seen our posts that support history, music and the arts, and here’s a great example of art done with a pickup and

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RC Helicopter Sprays Farm Fields: VIDEO Updated

🕔08:23, 23.Jan 2015

Watch a remote controlled mini helicopter apply pesticides to farm fields in this video.

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Terry's Top Ten Topics for 2013

🕔15:54, 13.Jan 2014

As we look back on a year past, we often pause to reflect on what we feel are the most important and impressionable moments.  2013 is no different, and I’ve listened to news reports and read articles about the activity

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Drones: The Future of Farming

🕔16:09, 30.Jul 2013

Learn how drones are being used to help agriculture and how the future of farming will rely on drone usage.

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