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The Face of a New Farm Bill Updated

🕔08:53, 27.Feb 2018

I recently received the NFU E-Newsletter and wanted to share what the National Farmers Union says about our nation’s Farm Bill: The Farm Bill is the most important and comprehensive piece of food and farm legislation in the United States.  It’s critical not just

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Farm Safety Net Programs Signup Deadline Ends Sept 30 Updated

🕔13:33, 22.Sep 2015

The 2014 farm bill which is the focal point of the U.S. government’s food and agricultural policies, created Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) to cushion farmers’ financial loss in tough economic times.  ARC protects against falling

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How to save (or make!) money with on-farm grain storage Updated

🕔16:23, 9.Aug 2011

I was paging through Aberdeen, SD’s Farm Forum and came across an article about the benefits of storing grain on your farm versus taking it to the elevator and thought it’d be a good thing to share with you guys.

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Local Ag News Roundup – March 21st Edition Updated

🕔09:45, 21.Mar 2011

Spring planting is just around the corner in our neck of the woods (we need things to dry up a bit before we’re going to get into fields up here in the Red River Valley) and with that, we have

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