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An Integral Part of Ag…

🕔16:20, 1.May 2017

Congress first authorized federal crop insurance in the 1930s along with other strategies to help agriculture recover from the combined effects of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  It was in 1938 that the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) was

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What is an Operating Lease? Updated

🕔10:57, 30.Apr 2015

Are you considering acquiring additional farmland?  Do you have plans for retiring in the near future?  Maybe you’re looking at expanding the size of your operation or seeking ways to reduce your taxable income.  Whatever your situation is, CNH Capital

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Export Services from the Titan Outlet Store and Titan Machinery Updated

🕔13:29, 23.Dec 2014

Learn more about how the Titan Outlet Store can help you export equipment from the United States to your home country.

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Winter Wheat a Bust? Plant Some Sunflowers

🕔10:40, 29.May 2013

If you lost some winter wheat acres, you can plant sunflowers and have it insured still.

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Crop Insurance Tips for Tax Time Updated

🕔12:11, 18.Sep 2012

Learn how to make the most of your tax time opportunity on the farm for this drought year.

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5 Questions on Crop Insurance Answered Updated

🕔14:59, 28.Aug 2012

You’ve got questions on crop insurance – get them answered today.

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Severe Weather’s Impact on the Agricultural Economy

🕔12:43, 1.Dec 2011

A blog post about winter’s return and it’s effect on crop prices.

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