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Farming: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going

🕔10:08, 22.Feb 2017

  Al Kluis , writing for Successful Farming, reminds everyone that in order to move forward in agriculture, you need to look back and learn from the ups and downs.  Here’s a recap of the last five decades: 1970s: Farm prices

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Game Plan for Farmland Buying

🕔12:12, 6.Jul 2016

Scott Anderson of writes about a 3-part strategy for farmers who are considering a land purchase.  He has many insights and helpful advice and I’d like to recap that information for you.  Here are the pieces to his recommended

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Leasing Equipment Has Its Benefits… Updated

🕔11:04, 13.Jun 2016

DLL Financial Solutions Partner is offering some great rates if you’re considering some equipment changes right now.  Whether you’re leasing or buying, their financing options  are something to keep in mind, and as a reminder, here are six benefits of

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